MULTIMEDIOCRITY #32 – “Tandy and the Bandit”

A STATE-LINES.COM Podcast hosted by Shawn Talley and Matthew Hevey

MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! – Tandy and the Bandit

\\ “A ticket costs only your mind…” \\

“Holy forking shirt balls,” this installment of ‘MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast’ finds Talley and Doofin discussing the recent passings of John McCain and Burt Reynolds; the greatness of Adam Scott and director Alfonso Cuarón, and 1989. No, not the T-Swift album — a few big movies of that year, from BATMAN and INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE to STEEL MAGNOLIAS and DRIVING MISS DAISY.

They also talk some lesser ‘Best Picture’ winners, Clint Eastwood’s directing (or lack thereof), their random connections to a couple of boy band members, and the farce that is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and its annual fan vote. The guys even add their buddy Cameron Burns to the mix for a few minutes, and hit him with a handful of impromptu movie trivia questions.

Is today’s radio-friendly country music more or less pandering than it was during the ’90s boom? Are Anne Hathaway’s worst performances when she has to be herself? Are we in The Good Place or The Bad Place? Tune in to hear these questions and more go unanswered by the gents, who recorded on a day that will live in infamy… the day Jessica Tandy died. Never forget Episode 32, heard via the State Lines Network!


— The previous episode: MULTIMEDIOCRITY #31 – “Peener, Pumper, Soldier, Spy”
— The teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA
— Fade In Music: Test Icicles – “Just What I Needed” (The Cars cover)
— Intro/Outro Music: The Kimota Bombs – “Pop Song” | Nuclear Family EP (2017)
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Shawn is a cinephile, music junkie, comic book geek, sci-fi nerd, and pro wrestling apologist who knows all the words to the seminal hip-hop hit "It Takes Two". He speaks in pop culture references and riddles, and aspires to be just rich and/or famous enough to not need a LinkedIn profile.

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