MULTIMEDIOCRITY #44 – “James Dory and the Swamp of Sadness”

A STATE-LINES.COM Podcast hosted by Shawn Talley and Matthew Hevey

MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! – James Dory and the Swamp of Sadness


On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Talley and Doofin return from an extended summer hiatus a little older, a little slower, and clearly, no less serious… or professional, as Talley’s mic cord fell out a few minutes in and he didn’t notice (apologies for his poor audio from minute 6 onward) The gents do touch on some of the news and trailers that dropped at Comic-Con, HEREDITARY director Ari Aster’s followup feature MIDSOMMAR, as well as a couple of recent moon landing flicks, FIRST MAN and APOLLO 11. Doofin also shares some harrowing tales of his day job and recent foster care duties, while Talley makes some of the worst puns, ever… and for him and this program, that’s saying something.

What album by ’90s alt-rock band Live holds up the least? Which Spielberg movie poster(s) should be hidden in a closet? What the heck was that CATS trailer? Who is James Dory? What death scene scarred us the most as a child? What are cinema‚Äôs greatest jump scares? And can a person sing the Family Matters theme song without it morphing into the Full House theme? Some of these questions will be answered, but many more will be raised… or abandoned… or drowned in the Swamp of Sadness. Forget all the Beatles songs, remember some ’90s one-hit wonders, and sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber number with the guys on episode 44!


— The previous episode: MULTIMEDIOCRITY #43 – “We’re in the Endgame of Thrones Now”
— Mister Rogers’ “radical theology”
— Fade in Music: Live – “All Over You” (live) | Throwing Copper (1994)
— Intro/Outro Music: The Kimota Bombs – “Pop Song” | Nuclear Family EP (2017)
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