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When I start my day it is with the sure knowledge that I am not alone. I know what you’re thinking this is going somewhere deep and spiritual. You are correct!! I start each day with the ceremonial use of the Duck Picker duck call by Duck Commander. I know as I blow into that most blessed of modern day pop culture instruments that the ducks are with me.

From the first time I tuned into Duck Dynasty on A&E I was hooked. First of all the Patriarch of this tribe of bearded wonders, Phil Robertson, looks like my grandfather. Secondly the show is filled with heart and an actual sense of reality. Now reality TV has never struck my fancy and most of the time it is a scripted waste of time. I’m not saying that some of the scenarios haven’t been suggested by an unseen power from a producers chair but the reactions of this family are completely genuine.

Bickering brothers, crazy uncle, sex crazed 60 something parents, and yuppie city wives that have little control over the redneck high jinks their men get into make this show never endingly entertaining. They end every show around the dinner table sharing a meal and thanking God for “another day on planet earth”.  It’s a show that I watch with my parents, my friends, heck anyone who has a desire to hear the good word which is this show. It combines family, faith, and hilarity. What more could you possibly want.

When I wake in the morning I start it like most people should. I repeat the pledge of allegiance……..to Uncle Si.

I pledge allegiance to Uncle Si, of the Duck Commander duck call room, and to the reeds for which he makes, one nap at a time, under God, for sweet tea and “Hey” for us all.

It’s preferable to say the pledge to your Uncle Si bobble head and possibly holding a glass of sweet tea.

May the ducks be with you!

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