Today is another first in the history of State-Lines.com. You guys are used to hearing me and Adam blab on about really important things, ALWAYS with a unique perspective and interesting take. Well, today, you won’t have that. That’s right, we are depriving you of us, in order to give you something else equally awesome. Our very own David Hennenhoefer will be providing us with HIS take on things. We’re calling it “The Hof Says” and this first podcast is all about National Signing Day.

Confused as to how Ole Miss pulled that ridiculous class? Well, tune in here to find out how. Actually… That’s not true. NO ONE could figure that out. But David and his friend Major Venable (Yes, you read that right. We know someone named Major Venable. That name is officially cooler than any name ever, with the possible exceptions of Colt Mccoy and Marvin Waitforit Eriksen) dish about all things National Signing Day. You don’t want to miss the first in our on going podcast “The Hof Says”. But be nice, and at least act like you miss Adam and I.



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Adam is a co-founder of State-Lines.com, an entrepreneur, and lover of all things sports, movies and music.

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