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Main Event – NCAA Basketball For Dummies

The dummies, in this case, are Adam and Jarrett, who know nothing about college basketball.  So, they bring on State-Lines contributor Andrew Smith to give them a primer.  Jarrett is excited to have some anecdotes to share when he’s two fisting Bahama Mamas at the bar.  This is of course thanks to Andrew, who hails from the birthplace of basketball, Kansas City, Missouri.  Andrew also predicts his final fourat the end of our “NCAA Basketball For Dummies” podcast.

 What’s Happening

What’s Happening – Jarrett enjoys the plucky moxy of whoever runs the Dallas Stars twitter profile, and the shot they took at Tony Romo and the cowboys.  Adam and Jarrett talk about the Death Star petition and the governments response, which was awesome.  Lastly, we check in on the Bracket Challenge and see that Jarrett is winning.  Also, help us settle a bet…. Would you say a “man amongst boys” or a “man amongst men”



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