Main Event – Nevermind Nirvana

State Lines is proud to welcome its first guest, Justin Little.  He is a contributor to and all around awesome guy.  He joins Adam and Jarrett to talk about the “great” Nirvana reunion of 12-12-12 (which Paul McCartney was a part of, unbeknownst to Paul McCartney).   Justin then goes on to try and convince everyone that Nirvana (actual Nirvana, you know, from the 90’s) was not really that great, hence the witty wordplay of our title, “Nevermind Nirvana”.

 What’s Happening

Adam is still watching Breaking Bad – in fact he’s at the beginning of season 4.  In “Walter White Watch”, Adam still wants Walt to win.  Adam and Jarrett agree that one of the coolest parts of Breaking Bad is the awesome Giancarlo Esposito.  The dynamic duo recap the NFL action and discover that they aren’t that great at predicting games.  Justin joins them for “what music you’re obsessed with” and talk about some crazy Swedish band named “The Accidents.”



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