http://yourdailmedia.comLet’s face it… Chances are you’re currently working. I’d bet at some point recently you have reminisced about the past; the good  times of watching Nickelodeon cartoons and game shows on a beautiful summer morning. Not a care in the world, just you, some cereal and that glorious tube television. What if I told you that you could relive that dream in the next 30 seconds?

As an avid Stumbleupon-er, I often find things that I absolutely love online, some not so much. Today… Today was a good day. Meet Nick Reboot, a website with “a 24/7 live stream of classic Nickelodeon shows from the 90s and early 2000s! Nick Reboot exists solely to provide a medium for commentary, criticism, educational review, and research of Nickelodeon as it was during that time period.”

Yes, you read that right… 24/7 Live Stream of classic Nickelodeon shows. This is your childhood, people. Shows like Rugrats, Rocket Power, Figure It Out, Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Pete & Pete. The list just goes on and on.

Go check it out now and comment below. Also, if you’re feeling generous, donate to their servers to help them keep the site live.

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