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Meet the cast of Wayward Pines

Last night was the premiere episode of a 10 part miniseries, Wayward Pines, on Fox.  It is notable for many reasons.  The second most interesting reason has to do with the state of TV.  Ever since, oh about 2010, when Breaking Bad was at it’s peak, the argument can be made that the best stories get told on TV.  Sure, you can make a hundred gazillion dollars doing an Avengers movie, and there are a few really interesting films here and there (Shawn just wrote about one such movie called Spring) but I submit that the coolest, most interesting story telling is in fact on TV.  Follow the movie stars!  They will show you were the most interesting stuff is (See HBO’s True Detective), and Wayward Pines has it’s fair share of heavy hitters.  The fact that the cast is very impressive, and that it’s one of those “Golden Age of TV” type shows has me immediately paying attention.

7c7The most interesting thing about this show is M NIGHT SHYAMALAN!  That’s right, the once wunderkind of Hollywood (watch this video, I promise you won’t regret it.  Do it after this article though), and recent scapegoat, makes the move to TV.  What’s that?  He didn’t write it?  It’s based on a book? ……  Oh well it’s still interesting!  I am rooting for him to produce a great show.  I loved his first few movies.  He’s the Ben Affleck of movie making.  “Started from the bottom then he was here” (to kinda quote Drake), and then he went to the bottom again.  Past the bottom.  But like Affleck, I think he can be a big deal again, and this show is just the vehicle to take him there.  Did you watch the show?  If not, DO IT!  It’s pretty cool.  Or read this recap and then continue.


Well, like I said I think it is pretty cool so far.  The cast is great.  Shannyn Sossamon was awesome, Terrance Howard was frustratingly good (what I mean is his character was irritating), Juliette Lewis was good, Carla Gugino was not in it much yet, but was great.  In fact, the only actor I didn’t really like was…. Matt Dillon.  I don’t know.  I just can’t remember seeing him in anything where he was likable.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  And he does the cardinal sin!!! WHISPER TALKING!! UGH!

The first episode was vintage Ma-Night.  From the opening scenes, the shot selections and the editing gave off a creepy vibe.  Once Dillon’s character, Ethan, wanders into town things get frustrating.  Mostly in a good way.  Everyone in town is weird and creepy.  I found myself wanting to yell some sense in to people, which I’m sure is how Ethan felt too.  At first I was sure Ethan was in purgatory, then I was sure he was hallucinating, but as the show continued it looks like a pretty “straight forward” prisoner story.  A lot of people have been saying this could be Shyamalan’s Twin Peaks.  But it’s lacking the “fun” that David Lynch’s one season masterpiece had.  Honestly, it makes me think of The Prisoner.  In fact, I’m sure it was inspired by that cult classic in at least a few ways.  There looks to be a few viral marketing elements (never question the rules, and some webisodes) and those should be fun to keep up with.  What’s the bottom line?

Ready for more episodes, please!

Ready for more episodes, please!


I’m excited.  I think this will be a fun show.  Despite me not loving Matt Dillon, I’m strapped in for the ride.  As for theories?  Here’s a stupid one.  Ethan did something to make his boss mad, so he was signed up for some sort of program as punishment.  Also, explaining the title of this piece, I think Beverly slipped the note to Ethan about the crickets so he would investigate the cricket sound.  What he found instead of a cricket was some kind of device.  Is it a microphone?  Or is it just imitating crickets?  Who knows?

Let me know what you guys thought of the show.



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