I’m going to say something that might sound ridiculous to most of you.

I FAR prefer Pandora over Spotify as a place to immerse myself in music for free. (Matter of fact, I’m listening to Pandora while I write this article).

What is the logic behind this crazy notion? I’m glad you asked. Here a few reasons why I personally choose Pandora over Spotify 100 percent of the time.

1. Expanding Your Musical Horizons

I need to give some context to this article. I have been a musician for almost 10 years now. Over that time I have always tried my best to get out of my own preferences and expand my musical library & vocabulary, but have not always done so. The simple reason for that is because we as humans get trapped in our comfort zones far too often. I do it all the time. I will listen to the same CD or track on my Ipod over and over, no matter how many times I’ve heard it.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with having a comfort zone, especially in music. However, there is something liberating about breaking out of it and listening to new genres or artists every now and then. It’s true that with Spotify you can listen to whatever you want, but the benefit Pandora offers is that of random selection within a genre or artist type. Let’s be honest, random selection with our music and the introduction of artists or songs we have never heard is good for us. If left to our control with Spotify, we may go back to the same stuff time & time again.

2. No Link to Facebook

I know this is a “first world” problem, but I cant stand getting an email from Spotify every time one of my Facebook friends does anything on the site. I know there is probably some way to turn those notifications off, but even if I turn them off, I cant be ok with the notion that one of MY friends will get one every time I do something on Spotify.

The price paid for listening to whatever, whenever you want on Spotify is that of absolutely no privacy. In some instances, that can be cool as we share playlists and likes. Mostly, I don’t enjoy that connection between Spotify and social media.

3. User- Friendliness

My third and final reason and case for Pandora over Spotify is the overall user friendliness. Pandora just feels cleaner and better functioning to me. It allows me to like a certain song, assuring that song will come up again at an appropriate time. It also does a phenomenal job at finding what makes songs fit into a category and bringing them together. It lets you get really specific with the kind of station you want to have.

In closing,  I have a confession to make. Reason number 1 is really why I wanted to write this article. Reasons 2 & 3 are just piddly stuff that I came up with so I didn’t have a list of just one thing haha.

At the end of the day, I don’t care which music provider you choose. Just choose to fill your life with music in a way that encourages you, inspires you, and adds life to your day.

To quote the infamous band Tower of Power “Music makes you happy, it can make you sad. It can turn the worst day into the best you’ve ever had.”

Maybe your horizons will expand if you check out this video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMW7WrUW4o]




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