What can I get ya?


A dose of black bean pysch, via new video?!?

Well check out THE BLACK ANGELS new video, “You’re Mine” released today!!

Pretty rad, right!?! I give it 4 soft tacos out of 5


But maybe what you are looking for is a summer psychedelic… Something twisted, but something poppy, something thick as maple, but sweet as hickory. Like a piece of neon blue pop-bubblegum-shoegaze-psych. Well lucky for you PART TIME has a new album.


This album, entitled “PDA” is soft and lovely. The warm pastel pinks of psych waves wash over you, it’s like good makeout music. Ironically, PDA traditionally stands for Public Display of Affection, which is what this album makes you wanna do.


7 out of 10 black beans on a burrito


Also Skylar Grey’s new album is out, not to be confused with Sasha Grey, man that’s a trippy mix-up.


For your Mexican Fried ice cream, I present to you, my hot commodity:

The Sufi’s, whose new album comes out in August. These kids sound hawt,  or what ever you kiddo’s say. I am treasuring this little hidden gem, but soon it will be time for them to release their jam on your face. It’s gonna be gooooood! And apparently they are from Nashville, and I know some good people in Nashville (Sarah, Cameron and Lindsey), and so if I know good people in Nashville, and The Sufi’s are from Nashville, they must be good people.


I saw that Burger Records tagged one of their songs as “Psychedelic Baroque Pop” YES PLEASE!!!!
2 out of 3 scoops, in excitement.