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Kanye West’s “YEEZUS” and Jay Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” are similar, not just because they both recently went “H.A.M.”together, but because Rick Rubin was “kinda” involved in both. Yet they both sound drastically different, one tries to be edgy, the other tries to be anthem rap. So instead of talking shit on how I despise Kanye and JayZ’s new albums, I’m just gonna say I love Rick Rubin, and his attempts to make shit shine. He has done it for so long in the mainstream music scene that he is able to crossover and produce rap and rock, punk and hip hop. #baller Don’t misunderstand me, Kanye and Jay are bodaciously talented, but they need to stop phoning it in.


Pepperoni, Bacon, and Ham Pizza, EXTRA CHEESE!

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David Lynch’s sophomore album, “The Big Dream” is special to fans like me. ADVISORY: I may say things that offend or piss off right now, but “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Lynch was never so much a director to me, as much as he was an artist.

A few months back I reviewed Nick Cave, and I made a comparison between him and Jim Jarmusch. The reason being they are not particularly musicians, writers, or directors, but like David Lynch, they are artists.

Being an artist gives you free reign to be what you need to be to communicate an idea. Lynch doesn’t have an Eraserhead idea to give us through his music. His song writing is not the same caliber of writing that went into Mulholland Drive. But what his music is: atmospheric, horrific, creepy, ironic, and soothing. Many people will never get past the “crazy old man Lynch is making silly music.” But those who do, most likely fans of surreal art, will find this music can transcend you, carry you to an ethereal place where soothing blues sound like Tom Waits voice communicated in Bob Dylan lyrics. It’s magical. Maybe that’s because I like David Lynch the artist, and not just Lynch the director. You might not enjoy this, but I ask that you try it.

Chances are this music isn’t for you, it’s certainly not for all. But its an experiment in the surreal music scene. And it works.


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The Pixies have been and always will be bossanova status, fresh out the oven! But bagboy is a gnarly ride of a song, and I loooooove it.




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