Come all ye who want higher consciousness!


I speak for the universe, as a prophet of Psych. We are hearing the call, as it rings high on the vibrations of damnation. A government in paralysis, a world-wide financial instability, and a general distaste for fellow humanity, has brought us here; a time to receive psychedelic insight again. The last psych movement came with hippies and stoners, looking for free-love and a good high. Nothing’s free, and post-modernity made that concrete.

Folk and Psych, Dylan and Hendrix, were battling to be the voice of the 60’s and 70’s. Punk and hip-hop made a statement, and became the voice throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Both died, and grunge was the stagnant slime creeping over our morals and insights. We all accepted the Kurt Cobain disdain for the world. Then folk made a revival. It was the early 2000’s and folk had some cheery BS about love and peace. Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, and The Avett Brothers all carved a way for Edward Sharpe, Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers. But I reserve a specific F word for FOLK. F*CK FOLK!

Our Hendrix, has yet to surface, but our Psych disciples are rising. Tame Impala, MGMT, Ty Segall, UMO, White Fence; The psych mission is not to fight the system, we tried that. Psych is about elevation. Be above it, as Tame Impala says. We are not content in the filth. Expanding our consciousness will in turn spread wide the arms of our hearts and minds, as we drift closer to a unified humanity. Is this unrealistic, SURE! But it is our hope, and we believe in it.

Now, these thoughts that burned as coals on my tongue are ignited to tell you I see it coming, the reign of Psych in music. It may not ever be what alternative rock became, but this underground world grows bigger every day. And we continue to get more passionate musicians communicating the ideas of communal effervescence. Day by day, I discover new and young voices and sounds rising from the ashes of music genres, but resurrecting through the face of psychedelic. Some from Punk, some from Rhythm and Blues, some from Pop, these young bands are psych bands with vast influences. As the folk scene took mainstream by surprise, so will Psych.

To guide you through this peril I give you three albums you should really let saturate your soul:

Jagwar Ma- Howlin’: This is the most Pop-psych album listed this week, and will gently prepare your mind for psych sounds and themes- BEGINNER LEVEL PSYCH.
Boogarins- As Plantas Que Curam: Youthful, and maybe unrefined, but solid techniques and vivid imagery communicated precisely through psychedelic lenses.
Dr. Dog- B-Room: This may not be Dr. Dog’s best album, but great nonetheless, and another great eye-opener to the psych-pop side of the scene.

And for those of you digging the trip, enjoying the ride of Psych, I ask you to listen to these two albums that may be a tougher chew for those uninitiated to the psych scene.

MGMT- MGMT: For the happy, but disenfranchised, looking for mellow beats and marvelous surrealism.
Crystal Stilts- Nature Noir: For the darker, more introspective side of looking insideone’s own self.

PSYCH SYNC SIGNING OUT— Until next time, stay fresh, be loose, find yourself.

And remember, life is like an airplane, if we lose oxygen, secure your mask first, so you can assist those in need around you.



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Ken Whiting

Ken splits his creativity primarily between music and film. Most of his work is deeply wrapped up in his horror production company

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