Appetizer –  MAJICAL CLOUDZ “Impersonator”
(This album came out two weeks ago, but I just got my hands on it this week and hot damn I needed to give you all a taste. So like any good server, since your appetizers are running late, your meals on me this week.)

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Majical Cloudz released an EP that seemed daring and original, but it was too fluid. This album on the other hand is solid, and that daring exploration from the EP remains intact. I have had trouble trying to categorize the music. So I played a few tracks and stream of conscious-ed my thoughts.

Mesmerizing and fantastic, sporadic and elastic. Meanwhile gnarly, punchy, and sifting like a shadow. Chilling and beautiful, while remaining elusive. Peaceful and stunning, soothing and moving.

I hope that is too weird for all of you, but this album really comes from a creative spectacular place. I don’t want to speak too highly of its greatness because I hope you will listen to it with an open mind and let it be whatever it will be to you.

But I want you to try it.



“I can suck the venom out of your bones.”

DUDE! THIS ALBUMS HOT, KID! RIGHT OFF THE BAT, the imagery is lucid yet vivid. It relatable. I have been waiting for this release, for months. And here it is, releasing the day before my birthday. THANKS SURFER BLOOD.

Now I wanna get my complaints complaint out of the way. Surfer Blood does not possess the edge that bands like The Pixies or Arctic Monkeys have, but they make up for the edgy devoid surf rock with trippy, catchy, dig and play riffs. They make such great summer music.

I will say, for the casual music listeners, “Pythons” will give you everything you want. Fun and catchy, but creative and emotional jams. For me, I get those rewards, but I reap a deeper benefit, boundary pushing, explorative tones, riffs full of pin-pointed notes with just the right amount of variation to make each song unique, but each song cohesive and coherent to the album’s imagery and flavor.

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I call this summer music because its what you look to blast on the way to the beach with friends. It’s the background music for a warm night driving around downtown. Its cheery, but emotionally edgy like The Smiths. Is pink and aqua blue in color. Its beans and franks on the 4th.

You do not want to let this slide by….. PICK IT UP KIDS!  DON’T BE SO STOOOOPID!

$10 bucks, go picks it ups.


Dessert – DOUBLE DAGGER “333”

This is a tough dessert. It’s rich like a chocolate lava cake. Double Dagger are a NY punk band with wild performance personality. Their songs were always on the cusp for me. It was solid great punk music, with just enough flare. But for some reason, no matter how much I listened to them, none of their music penetrated into my favorites. It made its way into many of my playlists or burned cd’s but I never had a song I thought captured why I listened to them.

Then they announced they were done, calling it quits and throwing in the towel. Bands do this, at some point they call it quits (except the rolling stones). But punk bands… Punk bands don’t call it quits publicly and then release a final album. A goodbye letter. A farewell. Double Dagger did, and thankfully so.

Pick any sport, ____________, and in the final seconds you redeem your horrible game with one great shot, or hit, or block. It’s what makes you remember the sport fondly and makes you want to play it again. That’s “333!” This albums sendoff for Double Dagger is bittersweet and transparent to them. I finally feel like I know who they are on the inside and because they made this album, I will look back with fondness to their career. And it’s not that they had a bad career, it was just above mediocre for me personally. But this “333” brings me to a better knowledge of them as people, as artists, as punks. The presence, their shows, their music is experiential, its not just a thing you listen to.




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