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appe-HYPNO-tizers–   A fresh new sound in the underground scene.

Nature’s Son


Ever wish The Black Keys were four dudes instead of two? Maybe you dreamed of listening to the raw Arctic Monkeys, as they learned to play their instruments together? Well Nature’s Son isn’t there yet, but they show the potential, the raw force of having fun and making jams.


A rad little chica Natalie Bonilla asked me to give a listen to her friend’s album, they’re self-titled Nature’s Son. The first song slowed me down abit, I felt it demanded my eyes be on the album and nothing else. “Call it anything” was a fun dig. It picked the pace up, with blues rhythms, but fuzzy strumming. The next jam “Call snob” had an organ chime in, and now I was hooked.


What I like most about Nature’s Son is their raw jamming. There are great periods where they let the airwaves fill with surf-grunge. And then they bring you right in with a rough, and rusted lick, that’s a perfect song for the shit-storm Sunday’s we all have sometimes.


They take the risks young carefree bands can and SHOULD take. Whether those chances pay off will come down to their execution  and willingness to evolve, but definitely keep an ear low for their rattles down the pipe.


Steak ‘n  Mashed-Psychotatoes – The real meat and potatoes of new music.


(come back next week for the release of Surfer Bloods new album Pythons.)


Psycholate Pudding-  The sweets of your Psych Sync Experience.

The Black Angels (LIVE)


I have only seen The Black Angels twice live. You may remember my review of their new album “Indigo Meadow.” The challenge of writing, or talking about The Black Angels is their live performance is life altering. I love throwing on any of their music and drifting away. But their shows feel transcendental.


Hanni El Katib set a rowdy stage for psychedelic madness that spews from The Black Angels. A twitching pattern of green and orange geometrical patterns flicked up and down while they assumed their positions and proceeded to melt brains.


I want to have more to say about their live act, but I have sat at my screen countless hours to just type this “GO SEE THE BLACK ANGELS LIVE.”



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