This week we are looking, eh listening, to Smith Western’s SOFT WILL——- Wanna listen while you read, CHECK IT OUT on spotify.


I wanted to write about this last week, but I was still brewing my thoughts on this very bizarre but tonally beautiful collection of emotions via lyrics. I confirmed this album and Surfer Blood’s PYTHON will be the steel beams of SUMMER2013.

(look forward to SUMMER2013mixTAPE.)


The glam-rock, psych-pop, shoegazed burnouts make my “mixtapes-to-makeout-to” complete and rich.


The Smith Westerns hooked me with punk on their first released EP’s, but their dreamy raft-life with coconut rum and pineapple on a blazing summer day is why we all live for the summer.

That and Ice Cream.


The Smith Westerns are your Golden Arches, the KING, Eating Fresh, the kinda food cooked so fast you don’t even have to shut off your engine.


Who hasn’t craved a hot fudge sundae from Mc-D’s? Who doesn’t get the 2am hankering for OUTSIDE THE BOX?


This is not a bad thing. Smith Westerns offer variety. They offer value. They make it quick and easy. And its what we crave. We need these options. Especially with friends in the twilight of bad decisions, where fast food becomes necessity.


With all that said, this isn’t the IKEA. Its not horse-meat Swedish meatballs. It’s 100% beef, kinda. And that’s Smith Western. They have fun, they party, they rage, and they blaze. Getdown, getfunky. And to fellow Stateliner Haas, break out the tank tops, brah!