1.  He believed his own hype

At 17 years old Lebron had the audacity to tattoo Chosen One on his back.  How dare he create expectations for himself beyond what any of us can imagine at an age most of us had no idea what we would be doing tomorrow, let alone for the rest of our lives!  Who does this guy think he is?!  Here we are slogging away at 9 to 5’s, trying to cope with unrealized dreams resulting from years of parents and teachers telling us we could be whatever we want to be, and this guy is winning MVP’s and competing for championships just like he knew he would.  Child prodigies are supposed become Bobby Fischers; people we can point our fingers at and say “what a waste.” I hope his mother truly wanted him to be president . . . of the world.

2.  The Decision to leave Cleveland

He left Cleveland to go play in Miami.  What an asshole!  Making career choices that advance your career and maximize your potential is so un-American.   I know I would have stayed in Cleveland.  What does Miami have that Cleveland doesn’t?  Yeah sure, they have a better franchise, better players, beaches, women, weather too; but besides that, what do they have?  Cleveland is so great I think I’m going to move there.  Who’s coming with me?

3.  He’s not MJ

Michael Jordan never would have tried to be better than Michael Jordan, and if he did try, he would have been even better than himself.  Yup!  Michael’s legacy is so important that no player should be allowed to approach it.  Who watches sports to see records broken and greatness achieved?  Not I!  I watch it to see expectations unrealized and past successes validated.  Some may call it hating, but like to think of it as protecting the past.

4.  Lebron is a jerk

Sure, he always says the right things.  Always giving credit to his teammates and coaching staff.  Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. . .  I’ve peaked into the depths of his soul and I know he’s full of shit.  What he really means is “I’m the best and my teammates are lucky to play with me.”  When he pays due to the legends who came before him, he is really saying that they are lucky they did not have to play against him.  I’m also pretty sure that he beats his fiancé, and even if he doesn’t I know for a fact that he wants to.

And that is why you should hate Lebron.



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