Thanks for checking out  Or, RE-checking us out.  We are (or were) a website that provides an outlet for creatives and people with a unique voice or perspective.  We will (or did) do this via web articles, pod casts, or any other medium we deem interesting.  Our main focus will be (or was) in sports, movies, music, and tv.  However, any topic that makes its way in to the worlds conscience, whether mainstream or niche, we feel (or felt) is worth talking about.

What content will we (or did we) provide?  Great question.  We will (or did) release excellent podcasts (which you can see here), and we will (or did) release articles on a daily basis.  These articles will (or used to) explore the same themes as our podcasts, and they give (or gave) you, the reader, a chance to comment and interact with the author.  Who are (or were) the authors?  Another great question.  They are (or were) a hand picked motley crew of jokers, thinkers, and all around good people.  You can check them out here.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for putting up with our ridiculous parenthesis’.  State Lines was a really cool outlet for a group of friends.  We made some podcasts and articles that we were really proud of.  We had pages with a tone of views, we had some with hardly any.  The creator of scrubs replied to one of our tweets, as did the director of Zombieland, and even the great actor Barry Pepper read our articles.  What I’m trying to say is, we were a pretty big deal.  And now what I’d like to say is, we want to be a big deal again.  Or at least a medium deal.  So we are going to re launch in the next few weeks.  Keep an eye on the site, our twitter or facebook, and as always, I hope you enjoy our stuff.

Sincerely your (just kidding), Jarrett