In my previous article I discussed the epic awesomeness that could be a Batman/Superman movie. Apparently, the booming sound of my lyrical voice was heard because a week or two later at San Diego Comic Con the crossover movie of a generation was announced. Having seen the power of the I have decided to give another recommendation for the future of DC movies.

Joker, has always been my favorite villain. With the passing of Heath Ledger it seems like we will be a long time out from seeing the Joker hit the big screen again. But, with the announcement of a more experienced Batman showing up in the sequel to Man of Steel maybe we could show the return of a more experienced Joker. That thought sent me down a path wondering who could pull off such an epic undertaking and then it hit me. ROBERT DOWNEY JR!!

I will let the shock of that idea settle while you look at this picture of Mr. Downey in Sherlock Holmes 2.

a state lines rdj holmes 2

I would not dream of Robert Downey Jr just trying a Heath Ledger impersonation but the things he could do would be amazing. His signature quick wit and improve style would add some quirky comedy to the dark prince of crime. Also, being a little bit more “experienced” himself could add an interesting layer to the character.

Let’s face it, Robert Downey Jr can’t be Iron Man forever. He is getting to the point that his age is starting to show a bit in the character. Marvel characters are the types that are forever young. It has already been announced that the studios intend to keep replacing actors in a James Bond type fashion to keep the movies fresh and to give the characters the right look. The replacement Tony Stark actors rumors began even before Iron Man 3 hit theaters.

So where is an ex Marvel hero actor to turn? How about to DC villain. It is the type of role that would be iconic for Downey while also not tying him down to too many sequels like with Iron Man.

a state lines rdj bermejo



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