The singing of the National Anthem before football games is suddenly a time of high drama.  Because of Colin Kaepernick’s stance (or, uh, kneel) everyone is paying attention to something usually only noticed at the Superbowl.  On Sunday, the entire Seattle Seahawks football team is planning a “unifying demonstration” that would “honor the country and flag” and would “show respect”.

No one is quite sure exactly what this demonstration will be.  But it has already caused Dupont mayor Mike Courts to cancel a planned Seahawks rally.

“We support their cause. We absolutely do. And we recognize their constitutional right to take those actions. We would just like to see them do something that’s more effective and less disrespectful,” Mayor Mike Courts

Adding to the drama is Sunday’s date – 9-11.  What demonstration do the Seahawks have in store on the anniversary of one of our countries worst days?  We will know soon enough.  And will this cause them to be the new “America’s Team” or further solidify them as villains?



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