Seminole Perspective #6: Wake Forest

Welcome to a special edition of Seminole Perspective, the ultimate perspective in FSU football. Our goal is to take some of the “fanatic” out of fan, and properly rate our favorite football team. In today’s sports culture, overreactions are the norm. Well, not here!  Or, in our podcast, which is the normal place to find us. I wanted to try something new this week, so we are using the power and magic of the written word, as opposed to spoken (Sorry if that sounds pretentious. I just watched a hilarious episode of “You’re The Worst“, which is partly about a pretentious writer.  That show is hilarious. Do you guys watch? No? You should!) We are more than a few days removed from the Wake Forest game, so the big question is, how should we feel about our team? Allow me to answer with a gif.


How can you watch the games we’ve played so far and NOT feel like that? Unlike many fans on twitter and on message boards, I am not proclaiming that all is doom and or gloom, that Jimbo is the worst coach, and that our program is in shambles. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m giving Jimbo a pass however, and I think that is an interesting place to start.

The Coaching

Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 1.49.00 AM

Coach Jimbo Fisher, probably watching the Wake game

Count me among those have believe that Jimbo Fisher is an elite head coach. Also, count me among those who are not quite sure if he is an elite offensive coordinator and play caller. Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. While I’m making confessions here, I’m not sold on Rick Trickett. In all his years, how many elite offensive lines has he put on the field? One? Two? One and a half? And here we are a quarter way through another year and the line is yet again a weakness for FSU. Is anyone else tired of that? Or at least a little confused? We have recruited well there, so in time, maybe we can become a program that pumps out great line after great line. But that definitely hasn’t happened yet. Moving on from Trickett, before the year, I held the belief that Charles Kelly wasn’t any good, and that we would fire him at year’s end. Through three games, I was looking like a dope. But after Wake, I’d say there are a few more people who agree with me. And unfortunately, after we play Miami, the first offense that has even a decent passing game, I’m afraid we will be upset at Coach Kelly yet again. Now that you know how I feel about a few assistants, let’s circle back to Jimbo.

Make no mistake, Jimbo Fisher is the man. He saved us from the horrors that were “the lost decade.” His recruiting prowess and his iron, stubborn will took us from perennial underachievers to perennial ACC bullies. And, in my opinion, his recruitment of one player in particular brought us another championship. I love EJ Manuel, but if he captained the 2013 Noles, instead of Jameis Winston,  I don’t think we beat Auburn. In my opinion, Jimbo has absolutely proven to be a top 15 coach, and we should expect to always challenge for the ACC title. But, the real question on every fans mind is, is he Nick Saban? Year in and year out, Alabama is a favorite to win a national title. Even this year, after losing a game, you just know they will be in the thick of things by year’s end. So, is Jimbo that kind of coach? Is he the coach that will help us to eliminate that silly trip-up game? Losing to Clemson or UF is one thing, but stumbling against NC State or Wake Forest is another. Honestly, I think the answer is “inconclusive.” This year, and the next few, sans Jameis, I think that answer will become clear. It’s silly to think we should win a national title ever year, but competing for the ACC and NOT losing to cup cakes is a good place for us to be. If Jimbo is the kind of coach that can lead us to being that type of team, all we need to do is recruit the right kinds of quarterbacks, right? Speaking of quarterbacks…

The Offense

I’m actually not sure what to say about the offense. I think Everett Golson has been… Actually, let’s consult the gif’s again.


In case you can’t interpret that, I’d say Golson has been pretty good. No turnovers through 4 games is nothing to shake a stick at (Did Jameis ever do that?). But we have definitely been missing the big plays. I mean, unless of course Dalvin Cook runs it for 94 yards (92 of which were after contact) on one play. The passing game has just not looked like what we fans have hoped. Why? I think it’s a combination of things. As I mentioned, the line has not been very good. The receivers, when they aren’t dropping the ball, are seemingly having trouble separating. Golson has not taken many chances down field, and, he is missing open players every now and then. Not accuracy wise (he’s been pretty accurate), I mean he just doesn’t see a wide open player in the flat or a tight end on a post from time to time. The thing that most people are talking about now though is our offensive scheme. First and foremost, Jimbo is smarter than us. But…. BUT!!! Remember how earlier I said this?

His recruiting prowess and his iron, stubborn will took us from perennial underachievers to perennial ACC bullies.

Jarrett Haas, like, 5 minutes ago.

Here's Golson, practicing the NOT option

Here’s Golson, practicing the NOT option

Well, that stubbornness may be hindering him as a play caller and OC. To the totally untrained eye, it seems like he refuses to use a few players that are athletic freaks (George Campbell, Ja’Vonn Harrison) in favor of tiny guys like Bobo Wilson ALL THE TIME. And, doesn’t it feel like Jimbo just calls the plays he likes? It SEEMS like he’s not concerned about exploiting mismatches, either athletically or scheme wise. He believes in his plays and he thinks his quarterback will just play perfectly. I don’t know if that’s how it is, but it feels that way sometimes. And heck, WHY NO OPTION? Golson can run! Let him call his own number a few times a game. Bottom line, I think we know that for this year at least, our offense will be limited. And if Dalvin Cook doesn’t play this week, a game I already predicted us to lose at the beginning of the year becomes even more lose-able. Why did I predict we would lose this game? Before I get to that, let’s have a brief intermission.

My friend Chris is hilarious, seriously, follow him on twitter. He has been kind enough to bless me with “rants” on occasion, and he has provided us with another piece of gold. Before we continue, let’s read Chris’s rant on perhaps FSU’s greatest adversary… The men in stripes.

I see the game you’re playing, ACC refs. Those AAC guys rolled through town for the USF game three weeks ago and upped the ante on worst zebra crew in America, and you weren’t about to be upstaged like that. You just had to swoop back in and lay the smelliest load of #goacc right on our garnet and gold plates on Saturday. As if we don’t have enough stench to deal with watching our team try to find its legs, plus the smelly overreactions of our fickle, entitled fanbase that come with that. Seriously, it’s been stinking around here. But thanks for piling on. Thanks a lot.

So, what’s a horsecollar? No seriously, what is it? Kermit Whitfield’s thoroughly confused, and I don’t think he’s alone. Much like myself, he was probably under the impression that it’s a really dangerous way to get tackled going full speed. You get yanked down abruptly by your pads from behind in a way that’s impossible to protect yourself from. Your body bends backwards in half, because physics, and a flag gets thrown because it’s 2015 and all you hear about is how the game is looking out for your safety these days. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, Kermit. But there’s actually this obscure “unless it happens to an FSU player” amendment to the horsecollar rule that Ron Cherry himself snuck into the rulebook when nobody was looking. You know how it goes. It’s a business, and Ron Cherry and his boys, they’re here to give it to ya. Hope you’ve got a good chiropractor.

Next up: What’s targeting? No seriously, what is it? Are they teaching you zebras to look for guys making forcible contact with their hands into a guy’s chest? Look, I understand Reggie Northrup is a robot, and we’re all probably a little scared of what artificial intelligence might mean to the human race’s existence long-term. But I assure you Reggie’s a very nice robot once you get to know him. Plus, he can dance. Have you seen that kid’s moves? I’m going easy on you with this one because you eventually got the call overturned from the booth. But that still gave that insufferable ESPN commentary crew enough time to convince themselves that pushing a guy really hard through the chest was targeting. I’m bilingual and can confirm that color analyst David Diaz-Infante is Spanish for “I don’t know what the hell’s going on around here.”

Lastly: Let’s talk about that time it was pretty obvious what you guys were up to. There’s 30 seconds left in the ball game and Wake’s at midfield, driving to try to tie the game (please hold your laughter; it’s embarrassing and really not the point of all this). Giorgio Newberry gets flagged for grabbing the QB’s facemask. Let me hit you with some math real quick. When Newberry allegedly grabs said facemask, he’s standing at his own 49-yard line; Wake’s QB is standing at his own 48 and 1/2. Now, if I plug a couple numbers, move some decimals, and carry the 3, I conclude that Giorgio Newberry’s arms would have to be at least 7 feet long to commit said penalty. Or he’d at least have to be standing on the grassy knoll. Must have really hurt your heart to see Tyler Hunter end the game two plays later. Cry me a river. Hope the check bounces. Peace out. Go ‘Noles.

Thanks for that break Chris, and the heart breaking reminder that everyone hates us. Now, back to…

The Defense

He LOOKS like an awesome coach

He LOOKS like an awesome coach

The defense actually played pretty great for 3 games. The line was disruptive, the two linebackers that are eligible, not hurt, and not walk-on’s played well, and the secondary, led by Jalen Ramsey, was awesome. Didn’t I mention somewhere up there that we played schools with hilarious high school offenses for three games? I kind of did? Well it’s true. We played historically limited offenses. It’s not that BC is bad, it’s just, they can’t throw. And their o-line is brand new. And USF is breaking in a new running back, I mean quarterback, and well, Texas State may have had the best offense of them all. So when I heard that Wake was trotting an athletic back up qb out for our game, you can understand my trepidation. We are the New England Patriots of making back ups look awesome, and honestly, that’s kinda what happened. Our secondary, led by Jalen Ramsey, played 15 yards off the line the whole game allowing an absurd amount of 8 yard catches. Which circles me back to, maybe Charles Kelly is the dope, and I’m not? I’m really not sure, but we will find out a lot this Saturday. Oh, also, Wake had no trouble running 4 yards a clip right up the gut, which is awesome.


I stick by my prediction. I think Miami will expose how bad our DC is and we lose because Brad “Hiya” “Bye Felicia” Kaaya throws for about 400 yards.

In catch up mode, Golson will throw his first INT.

We will get a punt blocked, soon.

Jalen Ramsey will have an insane pick 6 soon. WHY DON”T WE PUT HIM AT PUNT RETURNER!?!?!?!?

As the year goes on, we continue to be confused and befuddled at the team we are. That’s not to say that we’re awful. I think we are pretty good. I still think we need a new DC (but yes, I would love to be proven wrong). After that, I think we will get back to business as usual, and spank the ACC for years to come.

Thanks for reading! Please let us know if you think we are inane, or if you understand that we truly get it.



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