Toronto Maple LeafsFebruary 12th, 2013 at roughly 10:05 pm, the lightning went into their first shootout of the season. I’m sitting on the edge of my lady friends (Brittany) couch and i’m pumped. How can you not be? We just had a 3-0 comeback, scoring 3 goals in less than 6 minutes, and it was in the forum! And then all of the sudden i hear my angel-voiced girlfriend say, “I hate mother faking* goth* man* faking* shootouts!”(all words with * were replaced with the actual words to keep this wonderful site clean). My first reaction was that she owes a lot of money to the swear jar, my second reaction is what’s wrong with a shootout?

And then it came to me, there are a lot of people out there that do not like shootouts at all! Out of all the shootouts I’ve seen live on TV or at the forum, almost exactly 85% (yes, almost exactly, oxymoron battle anyone?) of the crowd acting as if they would have rather had a million paper cuts put on them followed by a bath in rubbing alcohol, than to have their team go through a shootout. It boggles my mind, what’s so bad about it? What else would you rather have than a 1 on 1. T It’s your goalie vs my top shooter, who is a certified beast that will burn it by you (in my personal opinion), and your shooter vs. my brickwall of a goalie.

There are no excuses left in this situation. People find excuses for every other goal during the game. Like…

-“Of course they were going to score, it was 5 on 3!”

-“Of course they were going to score, it was 5 on 4!”

-“They wouldn’t have a chance if _______ could send a pass!”

-“If _______ would take the training wheels of his skates maybe he could play some DEFENSE!”

-“Did they make their sticks out of swiss cheese????”

And so on and so forth.

But a shootout, that never happens. Either the goalie read the attack just right and stopped the puck with precision, or the shooter used his ninja abilities to slice the puck into the back of the net. But then again, maybe that’s why people hate them? In a shootout out loss, there’s nothing you can blame it on. No mismatches, no mistakes, no excuses. If you’re team is the team that lost then you have to walk out of the arena knowing that you simply…. LOST!

Enjoy some beautiful goals


And more impressively, these tremendous saves!




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