Sick in the Head


sarah_judd cropI love interviews. Talk shows, podcasts, whatever. I think because they are conversations with purpose, and they always give me a lot to think about. Ever since I was a kid I’ve conducted fake interviews in my alone time. A friend once told me that she did it as well so I started telling others about it and it turns out it’s NOT THAT COMMON. I sincerely hope I don’t look back on this article one day and think, “There it was. The moment we all should have noticed my schizophrenia.”


Second to interviews is my love of comedy. I was fortunate enough to have parents who saw every episode of Seinfeld and cousins who were obsessed with Chris Farley. Kristen Wiig had a profound impact on my dropping out of college, because instead of actually studying I stayed up all night memorizing her bits. What I didn’t start to appreciate until I was older was the impact successful comedians have on our society. I am floored when I can witness someone bring joy to a crowd and make them feel less alone in their lives AND make them think about issues in a new light. Maybe a comedian should be president.


A third thing I love- Judd Apatow’s work. He’s using incredible talent to tell stories about very normal human emotions/situations and fairly healthy ways to deal with them. Marriage gets boring, having babies is scary, trusting someone is hard. In a world where we are shooting mass amounts of each other in public places, I feel like Apatow’s movies remind us that we all go through tough times and it will all be okay. I don’t know. I mean it can’t hurt.


Apatow’s new book, Sick in the Head, is a collection of interviews he’s had with various comedians since he was a kid. Jon Stewart, Martin Short, Louis C.K., Chris Rock…every single interview is unique and genuine. For an aspiring writer like myself, words of wisdom from these legends make me feel like less of a hopeless loser. That part’s great. But what makes the book brilliant is the humanity of it all. There is so much goodness. Apatow says he heard one time that the greatest gift you can give is your story. That’s what this is, over and over again by the coolest people. This book sincerely reminded me that I am not alone, which is one of the greatest gifts of comedy. Apatow- expect a fruit basket from me in the near future. Thank you for writing this.

P.S. My favorite interview was with Key and Peele. WHAT A COUPLE OF GUYS.