State-Lines Podcast – State-Lines Interviews Julien

State-Lines Interviews Julien

We get back to interviews with this awesome episode.  This is kind of a cool moment, when two guys who had never met until about an hour before this recording get to know each other.  Julien became a State-Lines contributor without ever having met Jarrett (one of the State-Lines Godfathers) and immediately became a site favorite with his one of a kind style.  We’ve been planning this and looking forward to it for a long time, and here it is.  We cover the usual stuff, love, God, and feeling like a sad person while staring at yourself in the mirror half drunk.  Julien does a lot of that.  One of our favorite parts of this episode is when the guys jump into daddy-son relationships.  Enjoy!  And as always, share with your friends.

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Jarrett is co-founder of State-Lines.com, owner of Rule8Media.com, awesome videographer at RelevantChurch.com, creator, dreamer, and all around dude.

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