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Special guest and State-Lines contributor David joins us for this one of a kind podcast.  Actually, this will probably only be a one of a kind cast for a short time, because we had a blast.  And We will probably do it again.  Jarrett and David take turns pitching, while Adam moderates and judges.  Jarrett claims he was robbed of a victory on account of Adam’s age.  Jarrett pitched the BRILLIANT idea of a “Wonder Years” spinoff show titled “Blunder Years” and only received a 6.5.  Than can only be on account of Adam being born last week.  Besides that, many incredible ideas were shared.  You should check them out.  All you have to do is sit through about an hours worth of blabbing about our own podcast and website.  Which leads me to…


Adam and Jarrett begin the podcast with an update on all things State-Lines.  It’s interesting, but if you don’t care, feel free to fast forward to the good stuff.  Adam has FINALLY caught up on Breaking Bad, and the duo discuss it. The guys also do a quick Community update. Has it lived up to their expectations? Listen now to find out.



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