Top 5 Summer Songs… That Didn’t Quite Make It

A sort of playlist about summer songs that came out at the wrong time.

Whew! What a week we are having, eh? An extra day to our weekend, an Apple event, the end of Hiddleswift, and a bunch of people freaking out because Hillary Clinton coughed a lot at a speech.

Now that we a firmly ensconced in the “Autumn” (tell me what it’s like not to live in Florida) I’m considering this whole idea of the summer jam. Whacky. I know. As I’m edging closer and closer to my 30s I’ve become entrenched in my historical music patterns (deja entendu is just in my marrow, guys, it’s not going anywhere) rather than staying abreast of the new hot tunes. The last summer jam I truly remember being like A SUMMER JAM was that Gwen Stefani song where she spelled bananas.

In honour of being mostly out of the loop on this thing here are my top five songs that should’ve been summer songs but were released at the wrong time (for this purpose we’re considering a summer jam a song released between Memorial Day and Labor Day… or not since they aren’t, you get it)


5. “CAN’T STOP THIS FEELING” – Justin Timberlake

I don’t know what JT was doing. This song came out before Memorial Day for a movie that still hasn’t been released yet. Talk about a lead up. But anyway I like it. And I want to do that dance, dance, dance thing he’s talking about.


4. “SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME” – Walk the Moon

So, if you’ve gone to a wedding since 2014 you’ve definitely heard this song. It was the one I had the most fun dancing to at my wedding. Alas, these guys also missed the cutoff releasing this single just after Labor Day 2014.

3. “DIANE YOUNG” – Vampire Weekend

This band screams summertime to me. This song has three release dates. March 18th, April 20th, and June 3rd… so maybe it only half meets the criteria for this list. but I’m in charge so I say it fits. anyway, this is fun to dance to in a skate/surf movie type dance montage.


2. “HALLELUJAH” – Panic! at the Disco

Don’t worry, this isn’t a cover of Jeff Buckley covering Leonard Cohen… it’s its own thing. Panic! has been a little bit of a hot mess in recent years but this April released song instantly brought me back to what was fun and delicious about P!aTDĀ all those years ago.


1. “FIRE ESCAPE” – Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness

Unlike some of the other songs on this list you may not have even heard this one, yet. And if you have I’m proud of you. It officially hit on Wednesday evening and really inspired this whole word vomit/Wikipedia study. I think we can all agree that a lot about 2016 so far has sucked, at least in my small circle of things it has. Don’t get me wrong some really, really wonderful things have happened, too. I know some brand new babies and some friends about to get married and dreams/goals being met by some of the people I hold dear. But it’s also had some straight up blah moments too. Listening to this song last night with my husband was a bright spot. It’s lovely, intriguing, and as per the new Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness it’s filled with an optimism and hope that I don’t think we the angsty kids of the early 2000s could’ve ever expected. It would have made one hell of a summer jam for me. But it’s perfect for right now.


I hope you enjoyed this (in no way exhaustive or very serious at all) list of songs from the past decade. But mostly the last one. Listen to it all day. And tell me what songs have been tickling your ears all summer below!

p.s. I need new music to listen to. Seriously, most of the songs I was looking at were from like 2011 or older. Help a slightly set-in-her ways girl out and give me some music recommendations in the comments!

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