When a fire starts to burn….

Go ahead, click the link, and hear what happens.



Sit down with your vice of choice. Coffee or Coke. Herb or Ice. You are gonna dance like a clapping monkey in a fez hat. Disclosure, two brothers Howard and Guy, despite being so young are aged in their craft, and making funkkkkkky tracks is their groove.


I am not against listening to any album, but the “dance” music today is not the first thing I grab on Tuesdays. All it took was one listen of “When a fire starts to burn.”


With a myriad of guest vocals, its hard to have expectations going from one song to another. But there is a familiarity to the FORTITUDE Disclosure expresses on this album. Reminiscent to every genre-advancing artist, they blast you like an atom bomb, and then they slow it down when you need a breather, and they blow ice into your lungs when you need to cool down.


There is something so fresh to them. Have you ever had a margarita pizza, with FRESH basil and tomatoes? That’s this album.


LATCH  Its like a R&B techno hybrid, with baby-making spices all over it. Yea, I don’t know why you aren’t listening to it yet.


I never dress up, be it lazy, or the scruffy beard which prevents me from tying ties. But I wanna get snazzed up, and stroll the streets like ZZtop, only I’m blasting Disclosure through the speakers. Man, this album makes me wanna pop bottles, not in a douchey way but like in a classy way.


Anytime they use a guest in the song, it feels tailored:
Please stand here while we take your digital measurements,
Hemming your bass up to a riffy sound,
Turn the trap-iness up a bit to slim up the song,
Loop the kick drum, keep those hips moving.

“F for You” is enthralling, HYPNOTIZING, and really its the reason Surreal reviews could listen to this album. SOOO TASTY!!!

This album is dank in catchy fresh beats and contagious fat lines. This pop driven, post-dubstep, electronic is welcome in the house scene as a revelation.



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