In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin “OH…HELL…YEAH!”

Medicine’s new album To The Happy Few is invigorating. This isn’t a huge surprise.


When I was younger I discovered Medicine, and they were the first band I associated with SHOEGAZE music. Shoegaze is the trendy word for LO-FI, NU PSYCH, GARAGE music. I use it sparingly because it’s misconceived as all things fuzzy are shoegaze, but in actuality, all things shoegaze are fuzzy, but not vice versa. With that said, OH… HELL… YEAH! Medicine is back!

Medicine first signed to Rick Rubin’s label in the early 90’s. They made stellar jams. They pushed boundaries. Medicine was Marty Mcfly playing Johnny Be Good; they were ahead of their time. Psych revitalization is just now on the horizon. And it’s great to have them back, in a time where appreciation can rain down on them. They broke up in the 90’s, I speculate because the style just didn’t have a place to call home. Just like the Flaming Lips, only Wayne Coyne got lucky with a few radio friendly riffs that propelled their cult status. Brad Laner, the drummer who brought together Medicine was a pioneer in all the bands he shredded with. The music he was involved in always seemed to be on the precipice of what was about to blow up. I am not saying he was a trend setter, but he was definitely a psychic reader of music culture.

I don’t believe Medicine is the psych Messiah. But maybe the John the Baptist, ushering in the repentance of your spiritual state. Medicine has been and still is preparing the way for your psychedelic enlightenment.

MEDICINE has a surrealistic shoegaze vibe, but the math rock rhythms and upbeat synths make the vocals buzz in perfect harmony. Let this album consume your brain, and melt your mind. You’ll be better for it.




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