The challenge of art is to be both unique and pervasive, while trying to help the world see how your eyes perceive life. The bear trap that snags many is learning to adapt and let your experiences shape your work for better or worse. Because ultimately, if your art isn’t honest and transparent, it just ain’t worth much. If what you create is not you, then you are wasting our time as well as yours.

Rob Zombie is an artist, and he creates transparency in his art.

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From the days of White Zombie, Rob let the horror filled, heavy metal, party man run loose. But when he ventured off into his solo projects, a zombie of Rob Zombie had risen. A new goofier side showed up, the campy side dare I say. His horror lyrics seemed cheesy, but damnit were they honest. And honestly, I sort of lost interest. I loved White Zombie and Rob seemed to be missing what made White Zombie so special to me. But then again, I have eagerly anticipated every album he puts out. And even if I don’t like it on first listen, I go back and I go back and I go back.

Rob makes music that he loves. He makes films that he loves. Later this week I will be putting up an article on Lords of Salem (his new film) to compliment this piece, because his work comes from his honesty and his desire to make stuff. And when it comes time to make something new, Rob Zombie puts all his cards on the table.

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“I think so much about everything, I’m obsessive.”-Rob Zombie
“If they become successful then great, if not then whatever.” Rob talks all the time about the effort and work it takes to sharpen your craft, but not to mold it to the people. Make what you like and work hard as hell to make it good.

Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is an album to party with. It’s creepy and fun. I tapped my toes and bobbed my head to the horror riddled industrial metal beats, with catchy riffs that made this album colorful.

But this album is not complete. It felt like a b-sides album. Or a Rob Zombie dance mix. Which who’s to say it isn’t, right? It’s Rob Zombie, and the album is called Venomous Rat Regenerator Vendor. And what makes it kick ass is the scoring it will do for so many parties in the south, or gothic dance clubs, or horror themed house parties. This album is being released the same week Rob’s most creatively loose film. A film the director himself said “gets pretty weird.”

If you love Zombie’s music, then this will have a few really great highs, and a couple subtle plateaus. It’s enjoyable, and I expect it to reel me in deeper as I chew on its cheesiness.

I was never involved with a time capsule project, but I like to picture you could seal up Rob Zombie in a coffin shaped time capsule and release him 200 years later to find he is still making art that’s true to himself. He talked about how collaboration can cloud the work a person tries to make; it becomes too generic with so many voices. Maybe sometimes those voices polish the work, but maybe sometimes they clutter the art. One thing I know is Rob Zombie demands respect as an artist of horror, music and movies alike.



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