“Maybe, whatever you think, kid, whatever’s unique kid, you make it yours.” –Always Maybe by The Black Angels


The psych rocker in me loves The Black Angels forever. The punk rocker in me loves The Black Angels always/maybe. With heavy thumping bass and marching-line drumming, reverbed vocals that hint at 8-bit music, and psychedelic shredding that melts your ears, The Black Angels always sound like they are about to drop into a heavy thrash. Instead they strum and drum just enough to induce light-(lite)-tripping.

Many Black Angels songs feel born of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” and that’s not a bad thing. They hit psychedelic with new chords. In an age where bands like Tame Impala (who I cherish dearly) make great psychedelic, there is still space for the more experimental psych-o’s to shred new shit. Black Angels really tear up on “Twisted Light.

If you don’t know who The Black Angels are, I have provided the song you all have heard here. And if you listened to the two songs I provided first, you can heard the tonal horizons stretching east and west. “Like a vine that will not die” is how The Black Angels infect me. Their sounds are so atmospheric and encompassing, I feel like I am listening to “Poison Ivy” by the Coasters. Each of there songs need a video of monsters reaching out and trying to touch you through the screen, maybe some terrifying and some beautiful. Rainbows of geometrical shapes floating behind the monsters, as yellow hits blue, and green splashes all over, the traditional psychedelic wheel of color.


The Black Angels @ The Music Box

And if you picked up Specter at the Feast by BRMC as I suggested last week, Indigo Meadow is a must, the Yang to BRMC’s Yin. This album rocks hard where Specter went spacey, its slows down and peeks at the variety of cacti in the desert. “In a daze, singing prayers, we’re the same, we are blameless,” is the solace of “Evil Things.” Evil Things made me wanna bust out the moonshine again, so I did. By take-two of listening to, it wasn’t The Black Angels talking to me, it was the “apple-pie moonshine.”

Love Me Forever” is another jam that compliments Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and the moonshine only helped its case…

This album is stellar, and really could grow into a psych seed you wanna grow, promising a new trip every spring.


Trippy Moment: “Does my time fly?” Dang, I don’t know if it does, it feels like it does, but does it really?


This week, you could pick this gem up for $8, not bad.



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