Psychedelic music roots itself in Blues, as punk roots itself in Jazz. But psychedelic is the fuzz, the crackle, the full drum kit that blues tries to strip away from. Psych music isn’t the blues… it’s the purples. Tim Presley, front-man, ruler, orchestrator of White Fence, is as transparent as a duck on the pond. He looks sad, sounds happy, fights the system, but believes in peace. Calm above water, but legs are swirling like a paddleboat, Tim is radical.


White Fence is just one of many Tim Presley projects. He is collaborating with the young dudes of the fuzz-garage, shoe-gaze punk scene. Last year, jamming and touring with Ty Segall, to releasing I think 5329 albums in ten days, give or take a few…


I dig the White Fence, it’s a driving album.


Have I ever mentioned to you all that I love long drives? The peace and serenity of barreling down man-made roads in steel death traps that roar louder than lions… love it!


But Cyclops Reap is the peak of driving albums. Perfectly timed too, since we have hit springtime. Go get your fill of allergies, you allergic people. And you psilocybin heads start your spring trippin’. Break out the VW, cause we’ve got some gnarly groovin’ to do. White Fence is like The Beach Boys and The Beatles mutated in Ninja Turtle ooze, and were trained by Master Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.


After hearing a few demos I was really stoked about, I saw them live at Burgerama 2012. A shredding fest, I saw FIDLAR, Strange Boys, King Tuff, White Fence, Ty Segall, Off!, and Wavves. It was a hella rad show. After Tim’s live performance I knew I had to consume everything he touched, which has been a lot since White Fence’s freshman year in 2010. With each new project a new sound develops, which rings louder when you hear all the elements that make up each song of theirs.


A harsh thumping bass resonates while a warm guitar strums; attacked by the sharp picking of a solo, with simple bass drums rhythms it flows like waves crashing. Tim played in a few hardcore and punk outfits before, which is what initially drew me in. But he’s growing in comfort as the music is finding more experimental paths of psychedelic.


Cyclops Reap is not album I would suggest you get into White Fence on, because of the shear experimentation. So I put together a few songs to listen to, and if you dig them, then you gotta get your hands on Cyclops Reap by White Fence.

Real Smiles
A Pearl is not a Diamond
Mr. Adams
The Black Glove/Rag


If you got down on that shhtuff, get your groovy butt to your local records and get yourself some new vinyl.



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