If you are reading this, I would bet that you already know the news surrounding Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. If not, here you go:

Teddy Bridgewater was diagnosed with a fully torn ACL and dislocated knee. His 2016 season is likely over. Matt Vensel, of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, said today that the Vikings don’t think they can “get by” with Shaun Hill for 16 games. Hat tip to RotoWorld for that bit of info.

Shaun Hill is a 36-year-old career backup with only three more games started in his career than the 23-year-old injured Teddy Bridgewater. Hill has thrown just 252 passes over the last five seasons. It is obvious that the Vikings need a better option at quarterback if they plan on contending in 2016.

The Cleveland Browns have said they want a high pick back for Josh McCown. The New York Jets have said they will listen to offers on Geno Smith. I’m sure they will. Colin Kaepernick is out of the question. He’s too expensive, a current distraction, and after speaking with seven anonymous NFL front office members, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman came away with the opinion that teams “truly, truly hate” Colin Kaepernick, and he may never play another down in the league. Again, a hat tip to RotoWorld for that nugget.

Enter Mike Glennon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback has started 18 career games with moderate success on a bad team. The 26-year-old quarterback would not cost much –I tend to think a 3rd round draft pick will get the deal done- and his career numbers are not much different than Teddy Bridgewater’s. Take a look:











Mike Glennon










Teddy Bridgewater










Bridgewater and Glennon are not that dissimilar.

Bridgewater and Glennon are not that dissimilar.

Nearly identical numbers. Bridgewater has the edge in completion percentage, resulting in the higher QB Rating, but Glennon has a far better TD rate and more total TDs in 10 less games while matching Bridgewater’s yards-per-game and interception rate.

I was honestly a bit shocked to see how comparable the two were. I am a big Teddy Bridgewater fan, so much so that I picked him in a dynasty league while he was a freshman at Louisville. I badly wanted the Bucs to move up and take him in the 2014 draft because I believed in the talent, and I still do.

Now, I am not saying Mike Glennon has the same ceiling as Teddy Bridgewater. He does not. But he has been Bridgewater’s near-equivalent and can likely slot directly into the starting role of quarterback without the Vikings missing much of a beat.

As we have seen in recent seasons, a team with a great running game (check!) great defense (check!) and serviceable quarterback who can limit turnovers and get the ball in the end zone (Mike Glennon), can contend and even take a team to the Super Bowl. Think the Denver Broncos when Brock Osweiler was under center. You really don’t think Peyton Manning led that team, do you?

Mike Glennon will not replace Teddy Bridgewater as the future in Minnesota. Bridgewater made solid improvements from season-one-to-season-two and the climb in numbers should continue. But, if the Vikings do not want to throw the towel in on the 2016 season, they should make a push for Mike Glennon, Teddy Bridgewater’s near-equivalent statistical quarterback.



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