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Let me start off by saying that I am probably extremely biased when it comes to the topic of this article. Today, kids, we’re talking about Tegan and Sara. Or, more so their newest album Heartthrob that, yes, I am currently listening (and slightly dancing) to. If you have not heard of the Quin twin duo from Canada, don’t you worry because I am about to introduce you to them.

Tegan and Sara Quin busted onto the indie scene way back in ’99 when they self-sufficiently released their first studio album Under Feet Like Ours. It wasn’t one of those, “We just get paid to sing the songs, we don’t write this stuff.”  No, it was and still is (along with the rest of their albums) pure magic written by the twins themselves. Over a decade later and they are still kicking ass and taking names with recently releasing their seventh studio album and a new favorite of mine, Heartthrob.

This album is by far their poppiest yet and it kicks off with the extremely catchy hit, Closer. (Just ask fellow contributor, Adam Kappel. No, really, ask him. He has been hearing me sing that song in my sleep for the last month.) Following Closer comes, Goodbye, Goodbye. Sara wrote this song and you can tell that it was definitely about a girl who may or may not have broken her heart. It’s really cool taking a peek into an artist’s life like that. Going down the album comes another song I’ve had on repeat for a good bit now, How Come You Don’t Want Me. This is yet another song written by Sara and in a previous interview with Under The Radar Tegan said, “Sara wasn’t writing it for herself, but she was writing about herself. She wrote a progressively vulnerable depiction of her life, but didn’t edit it because it wasn’t going to be her singing it. And then it ended up being her singing it, so it just feels so intimate and really intense. The bridge on that song is probably one of the highlights of the record, to me. It’s a foot-stomper.”

Skipping down to the second to last song there’s Now I’m All Messed Up. It’s the longest song on the record which means people might just skim over it. But folks, I am pleading with you not to. This song is a hit that I have no doubt you’ll feel a connection with. If you’re sitting in the passenger side of the car and it’s raining, you can put headphones in, gaze out the window, and pretend like you’re in an exceptionally dramatic scene of a movie. Not digging that? Don’t worry. This track can also have you hair brush singing (and swaying) in front of your mirror. And there is no shame in either of those.

Closing out the album we have Shock To Your System. Interesting tid bit about this track? Sara watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of soundtracks to get the feel and inspiration for this song. Want another interesting fact? Well, alright. Sara’s main muse was the movie Drive along with it’s soundtrack. Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of that movie. (Go ahead and boo me all you want.) However, I am very grateful for it’s existence because this song is remarkable.

In conclusion, this album will have you singing out loud and in your head for weeks to come. I strongly recommend that you buy it on iTunes and let it change your life.

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