Tenacious D Release Song for Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow

Tenacious D members, aka Valyrian Steel, released an epic Game of Thrones song, “Ode to Snow”, for Jon Snow and Lyanna Mormont.

To promote HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 6 digital release and have some fun with the current U.S. presidential election, GOT Party” launched last month, which allowed fans to vote for their choice of characters to sit atop the Iron Throne of Westeros. Unsurprisingly, everyone’s favorite know-nothing, Jon Snow, won the totally official Internet election alongside his running mate, Lyanna Mormont.

Jon Snow: “I think our campaign should have a hopeful message.” Lyanna Mormont: “Or I could just give them the death stare until they vote for us, you wuss.” Jon Snow: “Yes, ma’am.”

With the voting results in, Kyle Gass, John Spiker, and John Konesky — better known as Tenacious D sans Jack Black — recorded an epic tribute song to Jon Snow titled “Ode to Jon Snow (A Campaign Trail Song)” under the moniker Valyrian Steel. The song and description can be found below:

From deep within the rich musical subculture of King’s Landing, flute powered Valyrian Steel has stepped forward to gift a valiant battle cry dedicated to the official GOT Party nominee and running mate — an Ode to Snow.

We’re pretty sure HBO needs to replace the current theme song in the opening credits with this one. Then again, this is not the greatest Game of Thrones song in the world, it is just a tribute. What do you think of the song and this collaboration? Are Jon Snow and Lyanna Mormont the rightful rulers of Westeros? Let us know in the comments below!

Bonus – Watch the White Wolf’s campaign ad:

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