So the chiefs are going to get a back up quarterback for a second round pick both their new general manager and new head coach have signed off on it. wait wait wait I thought that they also got a veteran linebacker out of this deal. oops I was thinking of the 2009 off-season when they received a back up quarterback named Matt Cassel and a veteran linebacker in Mike Vrabel for a second round draft pick. so what the hell is the difference? why is this team determined to trade for QB that aren’t good enough to even win the job on their own team? the chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1994 so it is understandable that they are trying to “win now” but I believe that the old adage “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. the only people who learned from the recent past were the 49ers who received a second round pick in 2013 and a conditional mid round pick in 2014 for one player they weren’t going to use in the coming year. the Chiefs gave way too much and didn’t get enough back. two picks for a QB who two years ago was about to be released? While Alex is coming off his two most productive years as a pro, those years coincided with a new coach who many consider one of the best if not the best coaches in the NFL now Jim Harabaugh. Andy Reid is a fine coach but he is not in the top five coaches in the league probably the top ten but barely. So to think that Alex can repeat what he has done for the last two years is VERY unlikely.

Last year the fans went crazy about how the team performed and how management seemed to do nothing to change it. Then Clark Hunt (the owner) fired everyone involved then hired people with great experience and the fans got excited but then instead of looking at the mistakes of last years management they simply repeated the same mistake. it is times like this that seem to separate the great teams and the fine teams. as a Chiefs fan I just want to see them win I don’t want to lose another playoff game and set the record for most playoff losses without a win I just want a team that is relevant. I think that is all any Chiefs fan wants, we don’t need to be the powerhouse of the NFL we just don’t want to be the butt of the joke. sure a Superbowl would be great but we have realistic expectations now we just want to be in the conversation as a good up and coming organization that has finally pulled its shit together. so we will grumble about how this reminds us of 2009 but we will still have hope that Alex will be different than Matt, that this team will give us a chance to win a playoff game and leave that record for the Detroit Lions to break.



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