Last time you heard from me on the mother ship that is, I was starting a brand spanking new series, that is bound to become legendary. Well, today I am NOT continuing that series, but starting a new one, that is of course destined for true greatness. It’s called “That Guy Should Be In More Stuff”. And we start off in the fashion of true greatness, not with a whimper, but a bang. Some may even call it, Dynamite…

Napolean Dynamite is a very polarizing movie. Everyone you know has a strong opinion on it. No one says “Napolean Dynamite was ok.” People either hate it or love it. I’m in the “love it” camp. And so are most people I know. And what may be surprising is the great range of people who love it. It came out when I was 22-ish, so it’s right in my wheelhouse of “not quite ready to grow up” ness. Most kids my age gravitated to Napolean and his sense of not giving a flip. But the appeal definitely crossed over to different generations. My nephew loved the movie, and he saw it when he was around 9. My 60 year old father also loved it. Now here’s where I flip the script on you. All three of us had the same favorite part – Kip Dynamite (Played by Aaron Ruell).



“Kip – Bermuda shorts, buttoned up polo with a pocket and sweet socks – he set my fashion style. What a stud!” Don Haas, my father.

“There are very few truly immortal character is media. Han Solo, Gandalf, James Bond, John Wayne… But, perhaps most important of all, was Kip. He delivered the funniest performance in what was one of the funniest comedies of all time. You could say things are getting pretty serious.” Steven Burnley, my nephew.

First of all, read my nephew’s quote. What an amazing few sentences. And he used a line from the movie! Pure brilliance. I gotta get him on this site! Also, my dad is not joking. We shop together at Dillards, and he always asks himself “Would Kip wear this”?

Now that we have established that Kip was many generations favorite part of a beloved movie, let me make the case that he should be in more stuff. First, let me state my shock and surprise that he ISN’T in more stuff. His performance was truly transcendent. So why the lack of work? Maybe he wasn’t acting? Maybe he really is Kip Dynamite, and not a whole lot of movies call for that kind of thing? Let me direct you to exhibit a.

Wow!  What a "man-dime"!

Wow! What a “man-dime”!

Holy crap! That guy is handsome. That beard… look at it! Ladies, or heck, gentlman, feel free to take a few moments and soak that in. Now, just imagine the kind of roles a guy like that could land. He could be in basically any indie move ever as the everyman. He could be a band dude in a movie that featured a famous rock band. He could be in any movie that Sam Rockwell is unavailable for. Or Ed Norton. He has those kind of handsome, average looks. Not weird good looking like Cillian Murphy, but normal good looking. The kind of guy who would be in your crew and pull all the best dressed chicks. Is that look too generic for you? Ok, here’s exhibit b.

What a cool lookin' dude.

What a cool lookin’ dude.

So here he goes a bit more emo. This look, he could play any number of awesome supporting characters. Eccentric record store employee, comic book store owner, he could STILL play the band guy, love lorn loser, or a snarky gay best friend.

So, what’s the deal? Is he a bad actor? Is he, in fact, Kip? According to this grainy, horribly shot video with crappy audio, no. He possesses some serious acting chops that allowed him to transform in to the revelation that is Kip. One quick glance at his wikipedia page gives us the answer. Dude is eclectic. He is a big time photographer, and a director of commercials on the rise. I’d say, be on the look out for this guy to do some amazing things behind the camera in motion pictures in the near future. But in the meantime, Aaron, buddy… Can you PLEASE bless us with some more comedic performances? The world would appreciate it, always and forever.




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