Throughout our lives we seek out inspiration and guidance. We crave something to give us that spark of creativity or bold perseverance.  I have come to discover that when trying to discover such muses in our lives we need to simply seek out the beards.

That’s right I said the beards! When I think about those that inspire me it always includes a flowing flock of face locks. They are far more than a mere fashion statement. Hidden deep within the fur is a chin with much insight and experience to offer.

There have been many bearded wonders in my life that have helped shape me into who I am today. Some friends, some family, and some that just appeared almost out of nowhere with a tail of wonder and disappear to help another beardless person on their journey.

Today we will focus on just three of the beards that have influenced me.  For this article they will be known as The Brinity (The Bearded Trinity).

a bearded muse jesus

The first bearded man is one I have never met in person, yet I feel his guidance directing me on a daily basis. Jesus, is the son of God, and one of the first bearded muses in recorded history. He taught us so many things while also pulling off some sweet facial fashions in the process. Remember to always love thy neighbor beard or no beard.

doles haas

The next bearded masterpiece is named Jarrett Haas. (if you think his inclusion was to somehow influence the reach of this article then you are only mostly correct) His beard is as wide as it is deep like a never ending ocean of inspiration. In his face fro we can not only see the way life could be but the way life should be. In fact his post pubescent chin is what has inspired this glorious article.

a bearded muse si

Finally I reference the greatest television show of 2013, Duck Dynasty, starring the bearded wonder Si Robertson. With a tea glass of wit and a hairy face wig of charm we see a man that would make even the proudest hobo bow with heartfelt admiration. Much like his personality his beard is somewhat all over the place but is centered in a genuine good hearted man of God. With stories of Bengal Tigers in ‘Nam or that one time in the duck blind, Si, is anything but boring.

If like me you are unable to grow a beard do not fret. For we are not all meant to be ever flowing vessels of expertise and inspiration.  But, we can take comfort in knowing there are always beards around the corner whenever we are in need of some direction in our lives.





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