I think I might be slightly biased about the Superbowl Halftime Show. I’m not a Beyoncé fan by any means (she has just never grabbed me) and last night, unfortunately, was no exception. There were definitely some pro’s and con’s in last night’s show, however, before we dive into that let’s take a look at the past few years of Superbowl Halftime Shows:

2005: Paul McCartney — Okay, I’ll take it. I’m a Beatles fan so it’s acceptable.
2006: The Rolling Stones — Thank you, NFL
2007: Prince –– Ehhhhh. I mean, it could have been worse.
2008: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers — We’re getting there. I love Tom Petty, but as I recall it was a bit weird.
2009: Bruce Springsteen — Genius.  Plus, do you remember this slide? Pure perfection.
2010: The Who — Awesome. Two straight years of solid performers.
2011: The Black Eyed Peas — It did not “get it started” for me. Starting to head downhill.
2012: Madonna — Along with LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj and more. It was quite possibly the worst Superbowl Halftime Show Collaboration in History.
2013: Beyoncé — We’ll get into that.

Looking at the list above, I feel like there has been a steady decline over the years. As we push further back in history we see Kiss, Stevie Wonder, and more. They were talented musicians who had an impact on the history of music.

Still though, the joke the world kept repeating yesterday was, “Did you hear that they’re having a football game at the Beyoncé concert?” There was plenty of doubt rolling into this halftime show. With Beyoncé’s recent “performance” at the presidential inauguration, she was truly under the microscope of many critics. The big question of course was, “Will she lip sync?”

She didn’t. And it was obvious.

It started with barely catching her breath and ended with some obviously missed cues. Still though, why are most headlines this morning reporting high praises for Mrs. Jay-Z? Well let’s separate everything here and take a look at the Pro’s and Cons.


The Show: I was blown away by the stage. The fact that they can set this up in under 15 minutes is mind-boggling. Along with the stage, the show as a whole was truly awesome. From the pyrotechnics to the video mapping and screens rising from the stage; visually the show was incredible.

She Sang: For the most part at least. Following the recent controversy behind her lip syncing the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration, she needed to make a point that said “Hey, I can sing” and she did.

– Destiny’s Child: I wasn’t expecting this at all, but I’m glad they did it. It brought me back to my childhood and it was definitely cool to see.

– Beyoncé’s Attitude: She was into it. Throughout her entire performance she seemed boisterious. I must say, it is one thing to be able to sing and dance, but it is in entirely different thing to be able to sing, dance, and act.



– She Sang: Her constant deep breaths were a bit much. I get that she wanted to make a point, but she definitely struggled and potentially over did it. The highly choreographed parts of her performance were in the lull times of her performance when she wasn’t singing.

– Beyoncé’s Attitude: I didn’t enjoy her snarling at me. Maybe I’m the only one, but she just looked angry.

– Video Mapping: As I said earlier, this concept was awesome, however, I think it would’ve been better if Beyoncé didn’t constantly miss her marks.

– The Running Crowd: I believe this has become the most cliché moment in every Superbowl Halftime Show. It looks goofy and it’s probably a great way to get someone trampled on.

Pepsi Crowdsourced Intro: There was a lot of hype for this. “Send in your picture and get a chance to appear on the beginning of the Halftime Show performance!” They started airing the pictures and it definitely seemed that at least 95% of them were professionally photographed and not crowdsourced. Great job getting people to watch, Pepsi.

– No Hova?: Risky. I was waiting for it the entire time and was shocked he never came out.

beyonce illuminati

Illuminati: Before I begin, please note that most of what I’m about to say is a joke (maybe). From the creatively placed fan flashing the triangle with his hands, to Beyoncé herself flashing the sign, the Illuminati was alive at XLVII. So, what exactly caused the mysterious power outage in the second half? Also, how exactly did Oreo capitalize on the blackout so quickly with this ad? Maybe it was Beyoncé’s evil look, or the giant egyptian heads, but something was definitely fishy at the beginning of the Halftime Show and throughout the second half. Right now the internet is currently buzzing with rumors of how Beyoncé turned into Shiva (the god of death worshipped by the Illuminati) and how the video floor had used many popular Illuminati/Free Mason symbols. If you haven’t read about this stuff before and want to be semi-creeped out/have a good laugh, check this out.

For me overall, the cons outweighed the pros. I didn’t enjoy the half time show for much more than a good laugh with some family and friends. I’m hoping they step it up next year with somebody talented/not trying to take over the world.

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