As I sit here listening to the hope-filled, call for rescue that is the song “From This Valley” off the sophomore, self titled release from “The Civil Wars”, I can’t help but pick up on the perceived personal meaning of the song to the band. Critically acclaimed and, as of yesterday, a #1 Billboard chart-topping Album, “The Civil Wars” is a record packed with the heavy harmonies and acoustic guitar the band has become known for, along with new techniques and a large amount of soul.

The irony is that the album comes in the midst of an indefinite hiatus due to tensions between band members Joy Williams and John Paul White. However, in an article with Rolling Stone Williams indicated that she believes the music produced on this album could not have come from any other place, and in that way shows a kind of thankfulness for the unsavory circumstances.

Overall, I believe this 2nd Album release by the duo is worthy of a favorable review. Largely because they have managed to do what so many artists can’t, make a 2nd release that is arguably better than the first and that clearly displays a level of growth for an already supremely talented group of musicians.

Growth is the key my friends. Commitment to grow is why White and Williams have become so successful after spending their previous careers as solo artists in mediocrity and obscurity. Together they formed a powerful team, one that will hopefully not remain disbanded due to hardship. Together they offer a gift to the world in a unique way that cannot be replaced. Let us hope they soon come to this understanding, and in the meantime, enjoy some tracks off the new record 🙂



4.5 / 5 stars     



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