The recent release of the movie “World War Z”, based on a book by Max Brooks with the same name, has brought a whole new kind of Zombie to audiences around the globe; the ridiculously fast Zombie with superhuman capabilities who loves to attack with other superhuman zombies like a swarm of bees or a herd of elephants.

This new kind of Zombie who can take down a tank begs the question; How did we get here from the slow-moving creatures of the night first made famous by George Romero’s 1968 classic “Night of The Living Dead”?

One thing is clear, the “Zombie” has become a new medium for art on the global scene, with each artist bringing his own interpretation to the undead canvas. Let us take a look at some of the different kinds of zombies we have encountered over the years.


1. The Original “Romero” Zombie (a.k.a The Living Dead, a.k.a Creature of the night, a.k.a Ghouls)

The Romero Zombie is typically classified as being slow-moving, not very intelligent, loves to moan, is hungry for living flesh, and fairly easy to defeat. We first see them is his classic “Night of The Living Dead.”



Another example of this type of Zombie can be found in a number of Romero directed sequels, as well as other films like the hilarious zombie-spoof “Shaun of the Dead”:



2. The Strangely Communicative, Brain-Obsessed Zombie 

This tends to be what most people think of when they think of Zombies. An undead creature  who loves to not only say the word brains, but only wants to eat them as well. A bit of a departure from the original Zombie who just wants to eat humans, we see this kind of zombie in films like the “Return of the Living Dead” franchise:



3. The Resident Evil Zombie

The Resident Evil Zombie is a special breed created by the “T-Virus” and who are ultimately pawns in a larger plot involving the evil and corrupt Umbrella Corporation. The stars of a number of hit movies and video games, the Resident Evil Zombies raised the bar for what a Zombie was capable of.



4.  The Fast Zombie 

Zombies that can run. Wha?! Made famous by the 2004 remake of “Dawn of The Dead”  these Zombies are much faster, slightly more intelligent, and seem to not follow any of the traditional Zombie rules.



5. The Smart Zombie

Romero comes back in 2008’s “Land of the Dead” to show us what would happen if Zombies started to evolve.



6. The Superhuman-Crazy-Fast-Attacks by flying,climbing, running, jumping Zombie (a.k.a. World War Z)

As I read up on World War Z the movie, it became clear that the focus was to not only create a unique kind of Zombie like had never been seen before, but to give this Zombie primarily mother nature-driven instincts. This Zombie would have no limitations and would attack as animals do in nature, thinking like a swarm of bees.

I personally think that if Zombie attacks were to really happen, they would be slow moving and dumb, and lets face it, if they were anything like the Zombies in this movie, ain’t no one surviving!




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