So, I’ve been watching a lot of MTV lately and there’s this show called Girl Code. Girl Code is a show based on advice given by female comedians to you, the viewer, on situations your life may throw at you. (I.E- one-night stands, house parties, and work.) This inspired me to do my own little version of Girl Code here at State-Lines.

Today, we’ll be discussing sports, girl fights, and social networking.

Let’s start with sports. Girl code on sports is, pretend you know what you’re talking about even when you obviously don’t. Your boyfriend has the game on? Start yelling out names that sound like they’d be associated with baseball. Say things like, “GO PHIL!” Or, “BOO DIEGO!” And, if he says that there isn’t anyone on the team with those names, look at him in an appalled manner and tell him that you’re surprised he doesn’t know his favorite team like he says he does. No matter what, ladies, stick to your guns. He’ll be confused but you’ll seem like you know what you’re talking about. Also, clap when someone catches any sort of ball. Chances are that’s a good thing. Get into it. Jump up and down. Maybe you should cry and add a little drama to it. Show him that you know your stuff. And that’s girl code on sports.

Next, we have girl fights. I’ve personally only been in one girl fight in my twenty years of existence. I was in my senior year of high school and I got a week of ISS. So, listen up ladies, we might seem sweet and innocent on the outside…but we all know what lies beneath our cool exterior, evil. We’re evil creatures and trust me, we can be brutal. You know it’s about to get heated up when you start hearing a bunch of “Girl, hold my purse” or “Awh no girl” or “You hear what this chick done said to me?” Be forever prepared. Wear comfy shoes, you never know when you’re going to have to make a run for it. Also, carry a brush with you because after the weave grabbing and earring pulling, you’re going to want to freshen up a bit. Girl fights are scary. But, we all have at least one in our lifetime. Pick your battles wisely.

Lastly, we have social media. I love this one because do we really act how we seem to act? Am I as funny in real life as I am on Facebook or Tumblr? The answer is no, probably not. My skin probably doesn’t look as clear and I don’t even have close to 300 friends in real life. None of these things are true, but we keep it up to keep our image up. It’s all about image. We want to seem pretty and popular and funny when we’re really in sweatpants, hanging out with all of the three friends we have, and reciting jokes we found on the internet. It’s not weird because we all do it, right? No? Maybe? Girl code on social media? Be yourself. Whether it be the pretty, popular, funny you OR the weird, limited friendships, comically challenged you. Either one is perfectly fine.

I’m Ashlee Fowler and this has been my rendition of Girl Code. Check out MTV or for full episodes.



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