I’m just going to come right out with it.

John Goodman is the world’s most underrated actor.

Think about it.

He’s been making movies and television shows unforgettable since he had his hand in taking Raising Arizona to the next level….

….Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t remember it if John wasn’t in it (despite what Jarrett Haas might tell you. No disrespect to the Cage).

Some actors, they’re “the star”. That leading man Hollywood wants you to remember and make a household name of. Then there are the real actors that, without them, you wouldn’t actually care about the movie.

I call it “The John Goodman Factor.”

Let’s take a moment here to dig in.

  • Roseanne was just straight annoying as a character & a show without John.
  • The Flintstones is punch-a-crying-baby-in-the-face-intolerable without John to make it awesome.
  • The Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges = decent movie. Co-starring John Goodman = best @%#$-ing movie ever made.
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? is “O Brother, Who Cares?” with no John.
  • Monsters, Inc. is hated by children everywhere without the soothing tones of John’s voice.
  • The West Wing. A footnote in TV history without John.
  • Alec Baldwin & Christopher Walken may think they’re the most beloved guest hosts of Saturday Night Live but it’s John that truly lives in the hearts of the people.
  • Community is…ok, this is the only exception. Community is epic regardless, but John is the A/C unit that keeps it cool.
  • The Chick-fil-a “scandal”? Boring. Unless you put John Goodman in a KFC parody commercial (see below).

Let’s face facts. You want a show/movie/anything to be incredible and transcend generations? You put John Goodman in it.


So I’ll say it again. John Goodman is the world’s most underrated actor.

And, if you’re suddenly feeling the urge to stop what you’re doing and Netflix marathon everything John Goodman, then yes you should, and I rest my case.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSBFTKI-zIM]



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