The topic I picked for today is, drum roll please, The League. If you haven’t heard of The League, then shame on you my friend. The League is FX’s hit comedy about a group of friends who have established a fantasy football league that has sort of taken over their lives in the funniest of ways. It’ll hit even the most impassive person’s funny bone.

There’s someone most adults can relate to in this show. There’s Kevin MacArthur the league commissioner seasons 1-3/district attorney/dad/ husband who lets his wife make all of the decisions. We have Taco MacArthur, Kevin’s younger brother, stoner, and crude musician. (I recommend that if you’re 18 or over and in need of a good laugh, go check out Jon Lajoie’s music.) Jenny MacArthur, Kevin’s weirdly knowledgeable wife and mother to their children.  She also happens to “help” Kevin with his team during season one. Then, in season two demands her on team. There’s Rodney Ruxin the product-liability lawyer who really just wants to please his wife. Mainly because she’s super hot and he’s super…. Well, he has personality. Ruxin is merciless when it comes to league and The Shiva. He is played by the always hilarious (and new favorite of mine) Nick Kroll. Going down the line of characters, there’s Dr. (plastic surgeon) Andre Nowzick, who has this obsession with being cool and well liked by his friends which drives him to make the most obnoxious clothing choices. Rounding up the main cast we have Pete Eckhart, who is separated from his wife (depending what season you’re on) and also the three time league champ. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that those are correlating facts. Of course, there are the characters in the background. Shivakamini Somakandarkram the now super hot doctor who was the valedictorian of the group’s high school class and the inspiration for The Shiva. And, lastly, we have Rafi. Rafi is Ruxin’s brother-in-law who is sketchy, inappropriate, full of bad decisions, and best friends with the porn director, Dirty Randy, played by Seth Rogan. Here’s to hoping only a few of you can relate to him.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about football, much less, fantasy football. Ya know, with all of the bubble baths, gossip magazines, and complaining about how Sex and the City isn’t on Netflix, I’ve just never had time. Then, to appease my boyfriend I watched an episode with him. And then, I watched three seasons without him. Surprisingly, the show is largely improvised. And if you’re looking for a show to truly enjoy instead of watching all of those comedies that have hit their mark and just keep dragging on and on, I’ve found it for you. It’s got a noteworthy list of special guests and NFL players making an appearance throughout it’s seasons that’ll make it enjoyable for both sports fans and comedy fans alike.

So, that being said check out season 1-3 of The League on Netflix and try to wait patiently for the newest season to hit the small screen on FX.



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