For the second year in a row Lebron James will be conducting a social media blackout for the duration of the NBA playoffs.  Last year when LBJ found out that I was foregoing social media in preparation for the Florida bar exam, he decided that he too could benefit from a similar move.  As most of you know, LBJ went on to win his first NBA championship and I went on to pass the bar.

The two events are not mutually exclusive either.  LBJ was further motivated to win the championship when I told him that every year he fails in the playoffs I am inflicted with a funk that contains all the hallmarks of the type of clinical depression that follows a bad breakup.  LBJ said, “J, you got to stay focused for the bar!  I’m not gonna let you down!”  He asked me what he can do to stay relaxed and keep his mind off of the negative media.  I told him reading always relaxes my mind when I need to unwind.  I told him I just got done reading the Hunger Games and that he should read it too.  He ended up reading the entire Hunger Games series throughout the playoffs.  On a side note: Never ask Lebron about a book or movie if you haven’t seen it.  He will SPOIL it!  He’s a habitual line-stepper like that.

I digress. . .

Stressed by the recent news cycle and feeling OCD like FB tendencies starting to creep back, I decided to text LBJ to ask if we are going to blackout this year to which he replied “Have you ever seen Zero Dark Thirty?”  I answered “no” but got no response.

Then Last night @KingJames tweets:

I guess that’s my cue.  Starting at 7pm tipoff time tonight (Sunday 4/21 to whoever is reading this) I will be on a fb blackout for the duration of the playoffs.  I will still be fulfilling my obligations to, which means I will have to make some arrangement for a third party to post my Arrested Development Articles and other articles to my page.


UPDATE:  I have recently hired Chet to be my fb administrator for the duration of the playoffs.  For all intensive purposes Chet is me.  Feel free to interact with her as if it was me.  SERIOUSLY.  I am not joking.  I actually hired a third party to control my fb.  Per my instructions SHE ISN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO GIVE ME MY PASSWORD UNTIL THE PLAYOFFS ARE OVER.  So if I hadn’t convinced you I am crazy by reading this article, are you convinced now?  Don’t answer that; it’s rhetorical…



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