So just to make everybody happy, i’ll go ahead and say it; Spoiler Alert!

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can get down to business. I’ll be the first to admit that I had low expectations for the Season 8 Finale. After reading the Wikipedia plot for the finale, I knew there would that this episode would not include the finale which of course means no Mother… right?


After 8 strong seasons, we finally got our first glimpse of the mother. Was it the girl from St. Patricks day? No. Was it Barney’s cousin? I don’t think so. Walking along a train station, yellow umbrella in tow, we find actress¬†Cristin Milioti, known only as the “woman with the yellow umbrella”.

So who is this woman who’s taken on one of the most anticipated roles in television history? Well, Milioti, and New Jersey native, received a Tony Award in the musical “Once,”. She has also made many appearances on television with spots on “30 Rock,” “The Sopranos,” “Nurse Jackie” and “The Good Wife.”

In this past Monday’s HIMYM season finale, Ted had pretty much given up on finding the love of his life. After completing his dream home in Westchester, Ted confides in Lily that he has decided to move to Chicago, aka “Cleveland-y New York.” Ted goes on to reveal that if he can’t find his soulmate in New York, than maybe she’s in Chicago. Lily, fighting the idea tells Ted that his future wife could be in New York, wearing boots that she’ll one day share with Lily because they “have the same shoe size. But,with his apartment packed up, it seems inevitable that Teddy Westside is Chicago bound. That is until the final scene.

As the ¬†gang packs their bags to head out on the island for Barney and Robin’s big day in Farhampton, we get a small hint that Ted might just end up staying in New York after all. As the camera makes its way to a train station, all you see are boots walking, a yellow umbrella and a bass guitar gig bag. Suddenly, the episode had just gotten better. But, you know deep down that’s all you’ll see, just like the little glimpses we’ve gotten before, right?

Wrong again.

The final scene shows Miss Milloti buying a ticket to Farhampton, but that’s where we’re left. So what do you think of this choice for the mother? How do you think the show will be and where will it go from here?




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