Hey! I’m new here. I’ve been digging through the archives of this site, meandering amongst the other contributors, and attempting to figure out how I fit in.

I don’t really but that’s okay:

In honour of my status here as the new girl on State-Lines I thought I’d go over some reasons you should get into this show, New Girl,  if you haven’t already. And really, it may be an excuse to stare at gifs of Jake Johnson longer than is absolutely necessary… but can you blame me?

Because, Nick Miller, you’re a wonderful person….

Anyway, New Girl aka Fox’s showing off to the rest of the networks that they have the paragon of adorable hipster-ness (I think there’s another article somewhere around here about the elusive nature of that adjective) ensconced in a contrived, completely unrealistic show about late 20-somethings that don’t quite have it all together. And her name is Zooey Deschanel. And yes, she’s adorable and quirky. But she isn’t the only great thing about this show. (At the risk of sounding like a jealous girl) I’d like to say that she’s not the end all be all of the show. Zooey brings something unique to it, sure, but the guys and CeCe cause me to belly laugh more often. Flashback college Schmidt and Nick are my favourites: We built this Schmidty with tootsie rolls!

Every show that has an ensemble cast that live in apartments too big for their fictional checks deals with the comparison to the industry standards: Seinfeld and Friends. New Girl does shticks and absurd story arcs. But they also get surprisingly and uncomfortably real.

Sometimes the show is tiring because they’re all frightfully insecure (but avoid over embellished dialogue) and jump around from storyline to storyline.  And sometimes they act more like the Muppet Babies  than adults

However, when Jessica Day needs a boost to figure out her career trajectory, or Schmidt and CeCe go through their whole “if you love someone let them go” thing, and Winston needs some confidence to stand up to his terrible boss, or Nick finally deals with his anger management issues they rally around each other and help each other out. It’s heartwarming. And just the sort of happy, feel good this girl enjoys in her entertainment. And maybe that’s why I’m here as the new girl: my enjoyment of the sappy things brings a needed dynamic to the group like the quirky personalities each of the cast bring to New Girl.



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