Sometimes, the right thing to do is the hard thing to do. There is rarely an individual willing to ensure the safety of many at the cost of one. We already know Batman won’t do it. The X-Men, in most cases, will not do it. But there is one team of anti-heroes willing to make the difficult choices that heroes like Batman and many others will not. That team is the Uncanny X-Force.

I get that some heroes would want to imprison and rehabilitate criminals and villains. That is a great idea…in the real world. But in the DC and Marvel multiverses, some villains need to be stopped once and for all. Imagine if the Joker could not escape prison over and over again. How many lives would that save? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more. This is where the Marvel Universe got it right by banding a group of  anti-heroes “that have had their souls stained by evil forces in the past, a common thread connecting them. They’ve already made the hard compromises in the past; they’ve all taken life.”

The Uncanny X-Force were created in 2010 as a group of black ops with the idea that “some evil won’t stop. Some evil no prisons can hold, no force can contain, no plea can soften. Sometimes to truly save lives the only option is to take them. The burden of that truth falls on a covert team of mutants assigned to those jobs too dirty, too dangerous for the X-Men.”

The Original Uncanny X-Force

The Original Uncanny X-Force

The original Uncanny X-Force was lead by none other than the greatest superhero and anti-hero around: Wolverine. He needs no lengthy introduction. He is simply the best he is at what he does and what does ain’t nice. He is the perfect leader for this band of outcasts. He knows how to kill but, better yet, when to kill.

Joining Wolvie’s team are Deadpool, Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Psylocke.

Deadpool is the beloved and sarcastic assassin with a disfigured face who is mentally unstable. The deadly mercenary is also known as the “Merc with a Mouth.” He is famous for his skill set and, more importantly to comic book readers, his frequent breaking of the fourth wall. He has a healing factor like Wolverine’s and is a trained ninja and weapons master.

Archangel is the deadlier version of one of the original X-Men, Angel. He becomes Archangel after losing his wings by making a deal with Apocalypse to serve as his Horseman Death. His wings are now razor sharp metal and shoot sharp projectiles. This transformation, and being under Apocalypse’s control, taught him how to kill.

Psylocke is a trained assassin, has been resurrected (so she knows all about death), she has powers in telepathy and telekinesis. She uses her telepathy to help Angel control his Archangel persona. Psylocke has a very storied and cloudy past but she can do what this team needs. She proves that (SPOILERS) by killing one of her brothers to protect all realities from being taken over by Goat-Headed Demon.

Fantomex is the thirteenth weapon in the Weapon Plus program and, after being created and trained, escaped the program. He is a skilled marksman and exceptional hand-to-hand combatant who possesses the ability read body language on an elite level and can tell an opponent’s move instantly.

The team has killed over thirty named characters including Apocaplypse, in one of the most controversial ways. Apocalypse was reborn as a child and, after the team defeated the Horsemen, no one had the guts to kill the child. They decided to take the child Apocalypse with them and reeducate him until Fantomex puts a bullet in his head.

The team has changed members a few times and is now lead by Storm but one thing still remains: the Uncanny X-Force is willing to do what it takes to save the most lives, no matter how devastating or controversial. They are the ultimate anti-hero team.




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