Hold on to your butts, this article is about hipsters. Actually, it’s more about the use of the word hipster and how it means absolutely nothing anymore.

To be clear, when I say “hipster” in this article, I am referring to the adjective itself and not any particular person. Now to be fair, hipster is only the most prominent and recent example of a word so overused that no one really knows what it means anymore. The same thing happened when I was younger with the term “emo” becoming an insult to mean pretty much “anyone who listens to alternative rock music that isn’t on pop radio”. This is what has happened to hipster. It started as an adjective, simple enough. Then it started turning into some kind of insult (I’m still not completely sure how). And eventually, through the constant use of the word, it became an insult that almost isn’t insulting anymore because it is used so frequently that no one has the slightest idea what they mean when they say it. They just say it because it’s the word everyone else uses to describe someone they don’t like.

Follow me here. I haven’t really done any research on this, so I am only speaking from direct observation. The other day I asked a group of friends over drinks what they think a hipster is and they all had very matter-of-fact answers. The only issue is that NONE OF THEIR ANSWERS WERE THE SAME. This is what I’m getting at. Originally, a hipster could be someone who is middle class but presents themselves to appear as if they ironically live below their means and who also avoids popular things at all costs, all with a douchey personality to boot. If that is your definition of a hipster then great, you can stop reading now. The problem is the term hipster hasn’t exclusively meant that for some time. Now it is a derogatory term used by people to describe anything they don’t like about anyone. From my observations it has even become a term used by a slightly older generation to describe younger people in a blanketed way. Again, it is everything someone doesn’t like, just like “emo” was, as mentioned earlier. I actually heard someone the other day say they didn’t want to go to a particular restaurant and the sarcastic reasoning he gave was, “That place is too hipster for me. I don’t have the cuffs of my jeans rolled up.” That’s seriously what defines a hipster? Jesus, if that’s the case I was hipster when I was a chubby 5-year-old and had to roll up the cuffs of my husky-size pants because they only made one length size per waist size (which is great for a young kid’s self-esteem, let me tell you).

So what are the implications if we consider that no one actually knows what the term means? What that idea implies is this: If no one knows what hipster means, that means everyone is a hipster. Everyone calls each other hipsters. Hipsters call each other hipsters. Thus, being a hipster is popular, so technically people who hate hipsters are hipster hipsters. (That paragraph made my brain hurt).

It’s come to the point that any one of somebody’s attributes can make them a hipster. It’s almost ridiculous at this point. For example, my dad came from Cuba when he was a kid, worked his ass of his whole life, is most comfortable wearing shorts and no shirt, and his beer of choice is usually PBR. My dad drinks PBR all the time. My dad is a HUUUUGE hipster, right? I say we just end it with this word and any future word that will serve the same purpose. Just let people be people. There will always be a good side of a person and a crappy side; a tolerable side and an annoying side. Why use a word to describe everything we dislike without even realizing we’re ruining the word due to overuse?

To end this article, I have compiled a list of examples to prove my point of why the term hipster doesn’t mean what you think it means. Enjoy:


– Look at that guy wearing a vest and slacks. What a freaking hipster!

– Hey I’m on my way to a wedding, buddy! And so what if I do enjoy dressing nicely on a regular basis?  It looks a lot better than that tattered Metallica shirt you’ve worn every Tuesday since high school. O’Doyle rules!


– Hey, check out that dude wearing the glasses. What a freaking hipster!

– I have an astigmatism, jerk!


– Brotato, you’re not gonna believe this. My friend suggested a band for me to listen to and I’ve never even heard of them! What a freaking hipster!

– Fine. Enjoy your Nicki Minaj-induced aneurysm, dillhole.


– That girl liked the book better than the movie. What a freaking hipster!

– Sure. It’s okay, we know words are hard for you.


– Haha! Look at the kid wearing an orange Buccaneers jersey! What a freaking hipster!

– Uhhhh…


– Chewbacca is, like, all beard. What a freaking hipster!

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!


– Dude, Bill Nye, like, always wears bow ties. More like Bill Nye the Hipster Guy, amirite?

– Oh, you better not go there…


– Hey bro, I just heard that Mr. Rogers wore cardigans knitted by his mom. What a freaking hi—

– NO! Don’t you even dare talk shit about Mr. Rogers! That hipster saved the world! He saved the world with love and sweaters and puppets! You just shut your horrible, dirty mouth right now!


Okay, I could go on with this all day but that last one got me worked up and you get my point by now. Stay classy, hipsters.



About The Author

Daniel Cura

Daniel is a 20-something Sociology graduate who likes making music, hugging, drinking coffee, and hunting unicorns.

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