Traveling without movingMy roommate and I have what we like to call Chipotle day. It is really nothing special, just on our day off we go to Chipotle for lunch and then come home and play video games until his girlfriend comes home from work. So basically 5 to 6 hours of stupid guy time.  Well 2 or 3 weeks ago, when we came home to eat the aforementioned chipot, we started to watch House Of Cards on Netflix.  Five or six hours later we realized we hadn’t video gamed at all that day: We were hooked. We each independently watched the show until the last episode, which we concluded on the next Chipotle day. It was so good that I would forget that Kevin Spacey is Kevin Spacy.  I was only thinking of him as Congressman Francis Underwood and within the next week I found my self a little sad.  I wanted another episode of House of Cards.  I wanted another season to come out today so that I could sit down and watch them for 13 straight hours…  I think I have a problem.

I like to binge watch shows (to watch as many episodes as I can in a row).  I know that is not really out of the ordinary.  I know a lot of people do it.  BUT…  I also binge on podcasts (and of course food).  I listen to a lot of podcasts at work and about a week ago I found Adam Carolla’s and Adam’s other podcast with Dr. Drew.  I loved them – they reminded me of the old Love Line radio program that they had for years on syndication across the country.  I immediately went back as far as i could and listened to about 50 hours of those 2 podcasts in a little over a week –  I am obsessed – and when i finally caught up with the new ones I ended up again feeling disappointed that there weren’t more for me to hear.  As for the eating  it’s not as if i am fat (although i could lose a good 10 to 15 lbs) but I have noticed that I always have to have something to munch on or drink or have occupying my mouth in someway.  If i look at the majority of people in their late 20s or early 30s i would say that they can relate to me on at least one of these points in their own lives if not more.

So why do I always have to be entertained?  I think I just don’t like being bored.  I think that those avenues are escapes from the every day mundane that I have gotten used to and don’t want to deal with anymore because they bore me.  But most importantly, I think that it is a symptom of being afraid of what I could be thinking about all day.  I could think about how much I don’t like my day job or how little money I have until pay day.  This is not just an Andrew problem this is a society problem – we have to be entertained – we cant be bored anymore.  I used to eat just 3 times a day now I eat 10 times a day.  They are much smaller courses but I still want to always be eating or drinking.  We used to talk about what we thought next weeks episode will be about on LOST but now we wait untill the DVDs come out and watch them as fast as we can.  We have stopped being thoughtful in our entertainment and have gone to just putting it in to our brains as fast as we can until we get to the next thing to put in.  So, I am going to slow down on my entertainment.  I am going to try and reflect on what I just saw or heard or read and see how I feel about it.  And maybe start doing more thinking of things besides entertainment.



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