Every day in America, a common crime goes unreported and unaddressed.

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It’s a crime we’ve all likely witnessed at some point. We may have even been guilty of it ourselves. And yet, we turn our heads and avert our eyes, lest we ourselves be implicated for our inaction or reminded of our own transgressions. We disregard it. We ignore it. Sometimes, we passively and silently accede to it. Other times, we vocally white-wash it and make anemic excuses for it.

But, no more… No more…

I’m speaking, of course, about the reckless spilling of Whiskey. We must stop accepting the surrender of even the smallest of its delicious droplets to seasoned bar-tops, dress slacks, silk ties, and/or non-slip floors. This squander defiles our beloved drink. Whiskey belongs in bottles, glasses, and ultimately grateful bellies.

I ask you, Dear Reader, to consider this Call to Action. After all, you do your neighbor a disservice by not addressing their sinful spillage and you do yourself a disservice by not addressing your own.

So speak up, my friends! Speak up loudly and join the fight to save this blessed beverage! I believe that if we are united and confidently resolved, we can make a truly positive change. We need only mercilessly shame all transgressors, including ourselves, and fully commit to reverent handling of this, our golden sacrament.

#TasteItDontWasteItSplash of whiskey



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Mark Allen

I write and drink whiskey.

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