Attention: Comic Book & Superhero fans!

Did you know about  I did not, until Jessica pointed me in its direction this weekend.  This is way cool!

UCC is wrapping up a $50,000 development deal competition on Halloween.  They’ve curated the top 100 pitches for new comic book ideas and then put them up for a vote.  Your simple register & vote action is due by Thursday, 10/31/13.  There are some clever pitches here that could use your support.  But only one potential graphic novel received my vote: THE OUTLIERS.

The premise is timely, exciting & relatable.  Read the pitch for yourself and give these guys your vote today.  THE OUTLIERS made it to the top ten, but this book still has quite an uphill battle.  It needs your vote, and your amigos’ votes and their amigos’ votes too.  The winning title will be announced at Wizard World Austin on 11/23/13.

Here’s the moment when THE OUTLIERS got my vote.

“…when Eric loses his powers, any hope of rescuing his son seems lost. Without the abilities he has come to both rely on and despise, Eric partners with a resistance movement, becoming a symbol of hope for the powerless. In a world full of superpowers, he must become its first true hero.”

Good stuff, right!?!?

Speaking of goodness…please tell me you’ve seen this film (at least twice).  Arcade Fire is back with something completely different.  Go and do likewise.



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